New Features - September 2017 (Part 1)

New Features:
Assignments from gallery
Allows you to quickly create new assignments as follow-up to images in the gallery.
Assignment filters in the App
Filter assignments by assignee, location and/or assignment categories.
Assignment history in the App
See all changes to your assignments, straight from the app (only while online).
Comment on assignment
Comments can now be added to assignments.
Images from Camera Roll in assignments
You now have the option to use images from your device storage/camera roll in assignments.

Other Improvements:

  • Visual overhaul to assignment list/details. Now looks and works much smoother!
  • All assignments operations are now available even while offline
  • Support button in the App now allows the user to create a new support ticket directly
  • Password can be changed from the app
  • When resuming a checklist, the app will now move to the page and question where you left off



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