New Features - September 2017 (Part 2)

New Features

In-App Location Dashboard

The dashboard works similar to the web-version of the dashboard but has been heavily adapted to mobile use.

The dashboard provides you with a top-level overview of the status of the different location groups you have access to as well as allowing you to drill down into the individual groups and inspect the individual locations.

Individual locations are colored the same way you are used to from the web dashboard – and just as you expect, the individual locations can be tapped to provide you with a detailed list of the completed and remaining checklists as well open tasks.


Filters are of course available on the dashboard – tap the cogwheel in the top right to filter on the location’s status as well as which checklist categories to show. 

Checklist Categories

What are checklist categories, you ask? We’ve brought back the old notion of checklist categories – but in an improved revamp. In the web administration, go to “Configuration” menu. Here you will find the option to add different categories to the “Checklist Categories” list.

After adding you categories to the list, go and edit your checklists - you’ll now be able to decorate your individual checklist with one or more of your added categories. When can then be used in your app dashboard individually or as combinations. This gives you the option to filter the dashboard view to show you the entire status of e.g. "Daily" checklists - or you can combine categories such as "Daily" and "M&S" to show you the location's state with respect to only those checklists.


Annotate picture on web

Editing your images are no longer reserved for the app – we’ve enabled you to do this in most places where you handle images in the web application.


This means that from now on you’ll be able to edit images when creating an assignment from a submitted photo in the gallery or when adding a reference image to a checklist.


Multiple reference images

You are now able to add more than one reference image to any given question. When more images are available on a question they are displayed in a carousel which the user can swipe through. Individual images can now also be tapped in order to view them in full screen.


Connection Status tile

One of the most common problem our users are facing when using Mobaro is with handing in results on a poor or incomplete data connection. Sometimes it’s not obvious that the connection is poor and other times you might find yourself connected to a hotspot where you need to login before being allowed further access to the internet.


In order to provide you with a more precise indicator of whether or not you have a complete connection to Mobaro from where you are using your app, we’ve added a tile at the bottom of your dashboard. It will change its color and message depending on your connection’s status and hopefully aid you in quickly resolving any connectivity issues you might be experiencing.



  • Great addition to the app. Team members already looking forward to using the new overview whilst out and about on park.
    Good Work all.
    Richard Shepherd (DMP)

  • Thank you, Richard
    I'm glad that you find the new stuff a valuable addition. Thank you for your patience - I know you've been excited about for a long time.


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