New Features - October 2017

A new version of the Mobaro website and app has just become available, containing a few long-awaited features as well as numerous bugfixes. 

New features

Assignment Notifications

You can now configure assignment notifications (both push and email) on your organization and/or user basis. This will allow users to be notified directly when an assignment has been assigned to them, or an assignment they created has been resolved.

As an administrator, you can configure this for the entire organization under the "Notifications" tab in the backend just like this:


The organization-wide settings can be overridden on any given user (in the user editor). 

ECHO surveys

A new Smiley question type has been added to the checklist question portfolio. This question type allows the creation of NPS11 questions as well as other smiley configurations, for use in customer satisfaction surveys.

This features also comes with some new settings for Continuous schedules:

  • Loop checklist (checklist will automatically start over when all questions have been answered).
  • Enable Timeout (The checklist will start over if the user doesn't interact with it for a given time).
  • Enable Lock (The user cannot exit the checklist without a password).
  • Enable Auto Progress (checklist will automatically progress to next page when last question on the page is answered)

Minor features

The release also contains multiple smaller new features:

  • Email reports are now sent in the recipient’s preferred language, if available
  • New excel export format
  • Redesigned translation tool


  • Fixed problem with saving translations
  • Fixed searching for users, which failed in some cases
  • Fixed issue where fonts would appear bold on devices running iOS11



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