New Features - January 2018

The new year brings great, and much anticipated, features to the Mobaro platform.

Customized dashboards

The single biggest wish from our clients have, for quite some time, been the ability to customize the dashboards, to fit the need of you and your users.

We heard your plead, and can now offer customized dashboards!


Furthermore, you can now pre-define filters for your dashboards, allowing you to quickly switch between views, as well as save a custom title for each dashboard widget.

To make sure, that your dashboards are setup to exactly fit your needs, these will have to be setup by your Mobaro representative - Contact them today, to start customizing your dashboards!

Notifications on newly available checklist

Making sure, that everything is done, and done on time, is one of our primary focus points here at Mobaro.

To aid this even further, we have added a new type of push-notification, the Availability Notification, which will be sent to all checklist recipients, once a checklist is made available in the app. This can, of cause, be setup for a chosen subset of your checklists, to avoid overloading the average user with push-notifications.

Simply create a new Availability Notification, choose the affected schedules and you're good to go.

Custom logo in the app

Customization of the app, is another big wish from our clients, and once again, we have made improvements. 

You can now use you company logo on top of the app home screen, instead of the Mobaro logo.

Contact your Mobaro representative to update your logo. 

Additional improvements

The following improvements/features are now also available:

  • Reports now contain assignment-resolutions
  • Title, Target and Assignee are now required, when creating an assignment
  • Image Questions can now be answered by using the attachment menu, to avoid confusion among users
  • Users, pending special privileges, can now delete results 
  • The image gallery can now be navigated using the keyboard arrow keys





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