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February 2024


  • Added a new Item Picker to make adding elements like Checklists, Users, and Locations easier than ever throughout the backend system

  • Added a new Resolution column option to Assignments overview on the backend

  • Updated the UI experience for in-app notifications

  • RideOps now supports Scanner and Email questions

  • Added enhanced warnings for Users attempting to delete active time slots on Schedules or Calendars

  • Added ability to long press Checklist titles in mobile to see full title and description

  • Improved the Resumable Results and Add existing Assignment modal's UI

  • Users can now switch Locations for in-progress Checklists via the in-Checklist hamburger menu

  • Users can now decorate Assets with additional properties

  • Added ability to delay Ad Hoc Checklist Triggers

  • Added a Timesheet overview page with ability to approve/ disapprove Timesheet entries

  • Added a warning on mobile for Users attempting to leave an edited Assignment without saving

  • Added a new Asset overview page to view, create, modify, and delete Assets easily



  • Fixed an issue with throughput data displaying incorrectly on the Hourly Throughput Widget when added after the operation period has ended

  • Fixed an issue where previously approved Certification Processes did not result in a Certification being revoked once invalidated

  • Fixed an issue where descriptions on Roles could not be deleted


January 2024


  • Added the /downtime/{id} endpoint to the API to be able to pull specific Downtime references

  • Added new info columns for Checklist overview

  • Added support for Photo Questions for RideOps checklists

  • Added ability to create customizable Timesheet Entry Types


  • Fixed an issue where Result Summary exports did not include the started time stamps

  • Fixed an issue where Reports were not visible within the Windows App





  • When invalidating a result, the system will default Make result resumable to on. The system will also noq require users to enter a comment
  • Added the ability to Invalidate a Result when viewing the Result directly in the Backend
  • Introduced the Assets API
  • Assignment Targets are no longer locked and can now be changed after creation
  • Added additional support for additional file types that can be added to Assignments
  • Introduced a rich text Assignment Description editor for Mobile and Backend


  • Fixed UI issue on Schedule Metrics report total if over 4 digits
  • Fixed issue where Assets could not be added to an Assignment created from a Checklist
  • Fixed an issue with the Gallery filters not working on Mobile




  • Deleted Assignments will now show along active Assignments within completed Checklist reports
  • Introduced the ability to move Assets between different Locations with an Activity Log


  • Fixed multiple translations throughout the Mobile and Backend apps
  • Fixed a rare issue where RideOps reported that no CFO checklists were performed when they were
  • Fixed a bug where users with the View permission for Checklists could not see Checklist Permission Folders
  • Fixed issues with the Early Start feature not working properly in some conditions
  • Fixed issue where the Created timestamp for Notes was not adjusted for the User's timezone




  • Fixed a rare bug where delegatable user groups also gained access to operational logging privileges
  • Fixed issues with manuals not displaying correct on iOS and OSX devices due to naming conventions
  • Fixed an issue where external IDs were not saved when creating new Assignments
  • Fixed a bug where Assignments could not be generated from Notes
  • Fixed issues with attachments not syncing correctly when creating Assignments from older versions of the mobile application





  • Users can now log time spent on Assignments via Time Registrations on the web and mobile
  • Added Time Registration API to the documentation
  • Updated Dashboard widgets to improve legibility, responsiveness, and color options
  • Added expiration date data to non-repeating Calendar Schedules; highlights currently expired Schedules in red
  • When utilizing the Location Overview on mobile, users will be brought back to the same Location's popover when completing a Checklist or Assignment from its list
  • Added the ability to assign multiple assignees to one Assignment
  • Added the ability to attach different file types (PDFs, MP4, etc.) to Assignments via the web, viewable on mobile
  • Added editable rich-text descriptions to Assignments on Mobile.
  • Improved the update flow for mobile users



  • Improved several translations on the web and mobile





  • Added iconography related to the specific element type when selecting a Question for logic items
  • Added the ability to prompt Users about the currently logged-in User.
  • Updated the Library editor



  • Fixed an issue with trying to connect Bluetooth devices to iOS Devices.
  • Fixed a delay in the presentation of the Ready for Operation status in the Operations tile on the mobile app



JULY 2023


  • Added the ability for operators to choose a statistic to display on the Dashboard with the ability for Super Users to lock or hide this statistic via the Location's RideOps settings on the backend



  • Made improvements to the Value Development by Question when related to Temperature Questions
  • Fixed an issue where iOS Devices could not display manuals/PDFs with a '/' character in their name
  • Improved loading times for Organizations with increased amounts of Missing Checklists



JUNE 2023


  • Introduced a customizable warning to operators on RideOps if no CFO checks are planned via Mobaro
  • Made UI improvements for starting Downtimes
  • Operators can now utilize either counting empty seats or occupied seats as their metric for throughput
  • Made improvements to viewing PDFs on RideOps natively



  • Added the ability to see RideOps operator log in/log out via the Operational Log



  • Fixed several translations throughout the web backend and RideOps



MAY 2023


  • Introduced Downtime and Note templates for easier registration of frequently used downtimes/notes for operators
  • Allow users to setup locations utilizing riders per hour as a metric in addition to time between dispatches
  • Improved RideOps offline functionality



  • Improved the way Results awaiting validation were presented and updated on the mobile app
  • Added user information to assignment web notifications



  • Fixed a bug where Paused users were still receiving notifications
  • Fixed UI of Ad Hoc Slot completion bar
  • Fixed an issue where the Trigger settings of a Selection Question Group would only show after the element was saved
  • Fixed an issue where Date/Time questions where time zone-specific and could export out to a different time zone causing differentiations between and exported report and the Mobaro-backend report



APRIL 2023


  • Added ability to create customized messages for operators to be shown when a location is Not ready for operation
  • Added ability to lock down specific RideOps settings on the Mobaro Backend
  • Added ability to define a minimum time between dispatches in RideOps
  • Super Users are now able to directly define a user as an operator for locations within the User edit menu
  • Improved visibility of offline scenarios inside RideOps
  • Improved the setup flow of enabling RideOps


  • Toggling open a ride on web or mobile now takes into consideration the ride's Ready for operation status
  • Organizations can now limit which user groups can open and close locations on web and mobile
  • You can now sort assignments by their origins
  • Added the ability to start planned checks sooner than the original start date (up to 28 days)
  • Added support for Portuguese in Mobaro and RideOps


  • Fixed a bug where editing or adding in an Uptime caused the Overlapping Uptimes section to continuously spin
  • Fixed UI issues on Dashboards for low resolution screens
  • Fixed issues with long load times for delegatable users in large organization setups
  • Fixed and improved some UI throughout the web backend



MARCH 2023


  • Operators can now dispatch zero-riders to track empty dispatches
  • Changed the UI of the Start Downtime and Close Ride buttons on RideOps
  • Added Lagtime metric to the Details of the Operational History widget to track time between a downtime's resolution/closure to a reopening toggle
  • Added ability to change the location a result was completed for
  • Added the ability to change the user who completed a result


  • Fixed an issue with the default time zone for dashboards to be Copenhagen when outside of that time zone
  • Fixed a timezone issue with the Hourly Throughput widget
  • Fixed an issue with the assignment widgets not properly displaying all applicable assignments





  • Added a new Hourly Throughput dashboard widget that allows users to toggle between hourly dispatches and throughput for multiple locations
  • Added a new question type: Member Question that allows assignees to select users and user groups
  • Users can now see the specific radius on the geographic map of a location in the settings
  • Added ability to delegate permissions to edit and delete Notes via Roles
  • Descriptions can now be given to Roles
  • When deleting a Location Group, users will now be required to enter the Location Group's name to ensure the correct group is being deleted
  • When viewing Ad Hoc slots, the first location and first checklist will now show in the overview (+ and indication of if there are multiple locations/checklists) instead of just the # of locations and checklists
  • Added the ability to click on the downtime indicator on the Location Overview widget to go right to the associated downtime information
  • Added a new Based on an element visibility logic-type in checklists
  • Added the Requires Validation icon to the compliance section of the Results page
  • Added the ability to activate the flashlight when taking photos from camera or scanning QR codes in checklists
  • Added the ability to sort on web to uncategorized Assignments
  • Backend users can now see if Competencies are attached to Schedules, RideOps Locations, or Checklists (via Ad Hoc slots) by clicking into the details of that Competency
  • Added enhancements to SSO on the mobile app
  • Updated the overview of Assignments on mobile to help users get a better overview:
    • NewAssignmentsLayout.jpeg


  • Fixed an issue where the Too Many Locations prompt on the mobile Location Overview was only dismissable via a reset of the app
  • Fixed an issue where the Certification Center was not showing awarded competencies
  • Fixed a bug where if users has checklists grouped by Folder or Location, they could not scroll the checklist page
  • Fixed an issue with bulk changing assignees within checklists
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll bar was not visible when creating a Library folder
  • Changed how times were presented in a Specific Slot addition for schedules in a different timezone than where it was. being created in
  • Fixed a bug where users with expired Certifications could still access locked checklists
  • Fixed timezone issue with DateTime questions
  • Fixed an issue where there would be a delay for assignments created in a checklist showing up in the app





  • Added Schedule Start / Due / End columns for Results that show original and rescheduled times for schedule slots
  • Added the ability to sort assignments by Created by
  • New Select Group Question launched for checklists that focuses on helping to condense reports
  • Rescheduled checklists now feature an amber-color bar on the the mobile app to stand out from other checklists
  • Added reschedule information to reports and PDF exports if applicable
  • Improved the workflows for missed ad-hoc slots in the Missing Results overview
  • Added the ability to toggle the Ride Throughput widget between the actual and ideal throughput numbers
  • Added the ability for users to define a different email to be used for notification rules and contact
  • Added API configurations to include/update additional emails for notifications
  • Added API configurations to get/update a certification's attachments
  • Added Croatian as a supported language
  • Added adaptive text sizing to iOS


  • Fixed a big where the Result requiring validation notification was not being sent to select users on some schedules
  • Fixed a bug with missing notifications for Androids
  • Fixed an error with Smiley Question triggers
  • Fixed a UI bug for organizations with more than 10 dashboards when changing pages
  • Fixed a bug where reports viewed in the mobile app were not displayed in the user's default language
  • Fixed a bug where adding images after a downtime was saved prompted an invalid file notification
  • Fixed a UI bug where empty select questions were not displaying on the checklist editor
  • Fixed a UI bug where the reschedule icon was not aligned properly when scheduling a resumable result
  • Fixed a bug where selecting a category on a dashboard widget would close the dialog window after each selection
  • Fixed a UI bug on the mobile app where long answers on select questions would be slightly cut-off the screen






  • Added the ability to view and sort previously deleted assignments
  • Added feature to directly edit a User Group's access to locations/location groups from the edit menu
  • Added an early warning when trying to upload too large a file to the library
  • Added the ability to delete Notes on the web backend


  • Fixed UI of some graphical widgets that would show 0.5 step-sizes for items that can only be integers
  • Fixed issue with the Throughput dashboard widget not properly updating the registered location is the bulk update is utilized on the dashboard
  • Fixed issue with locations being marked as closed despite having an active (duplicate) uptime period





  • Added ability to bulk change locations on assignments
  • Added the ability to colorize hours that reached 100% or more on the Throughput dashboard widget
  • Added the ability to trigger mandatory photos and/or comments from a question
  • Checklist folders are now sorted alphabetically on the backend
  • Added clarity to results that have been rescheduled from the Results overview
  • Added a warning for users trying to exit/leave a Location Group without saving
  • Adjusted the mobile app's UI on the checklist page to better respond to different screens
  • "N/A" locations will now appear gray on the Location Overview widgets on the backend and the mobile application if no checklists are actively scheduled
  • Added the external ID of an Ad Hoc schedule to the overview page for ease of viewing


  • Fixed issue where removing a location/user from a Location Group would not present the option to save the Location Group
  • Fixed the responsiveness of the location map pin interactivity
  • Fixed issue where the mobile app would not allow a user to assign an assignment to themselves if there are no user groups with assignment assignability present
  • Fixed an issue with in-app notifications
  • Fixed several translations through the backend and mobile app





  • Added solution information to the Assignments API
  • Added ability to bulk change the Location on Assignments


  • Fixed rare issue where pending uploads would not be received by Mobaro
  • General bug fixes





  • Completed critical for operation checklist data is now visible on the Ride Closed screen. This screen will update with pending & completed CFO checklist activities as well as assignment information keeping the location in a Not ready for operation state
  • Added a quick location-switch option without needing a factory reset
  • Added location switch, pin change, and factory reset options to the settings modal


  • New Schedule Metrics to see expected results as well as drill down to easily see user permissions per schedule
  • New Jack Knife widget comparing MTTR and MTBF metrics with customizable ranges
  • New Downtime by Category dashboard widget
  • Added ability to add user groups to Roles
  • Changed how long answer choices for single/multi-select questions are presented on the app
  • Added ability to attach Location Groups on the location overview widget
  • Changed 'Average Dispatch' on the Ride Throughput widget to show minutes and seconds
  • Changed wording on activity feed for certifications created and approved through certification processes
  • Added latest queue times to the Locations API
  • New primary "Mobaro Green" color featured throughout the mobile application
  • Introduced horizontal scrolling capabilities on hamburger menus
  • Exporting assignments now respects a user's filtering options


  • Longer answers on select questions will no longer be truncated
  • Fixed an issue where if a user answers a temperature question with the opposite measurement from their account setup (i.e., Fahrenheit instead of Celsius), this would automatically update the user's preference without notice
  • Fixed issue with number questions accepted text beyond numbers
  • Fixed rare bug where impersonating a user blocked uploads in the app queue





  • Locations can now be customized individually for different max queue times and step sizes
  • The location name now appears on all pages of RideOps
  • Added ability to give ride operators access to ride statistics (per hour / per shift / per 24 hours)
  • Added a new Ride Throughput dashboard widget that lets user overview per-hour important RideOps stats
  • Locations can now be able to track target vs. ideal dispatch intervals
  • Added the ability to quickly change RideOps locations natively within the app
  • Added a time indicator for operators when logged in
  • Added a new operational log via the Locations page on the backend that lets users see per-dispatch information


  • Dashboard charts can now be exported to image or Excel natively on the dashboard
  • User Groups can now be customized to whether or not they can be assigned on Assignments
  • Added a new setting in Configuration>Location Overview that would allow all users to be able to drill down and see what is keeping a location red / Not ready for operation


  • Fixed an issue where if a location had too many manuals, RideOps would not let the user scroll to the bottom
  • Fixed an issue when searching for user groups with ( ) in the name
  • Fixed several translations
  • Fixed a bug with section mapping for manuals
  • Fixed a bug with te locations/close and locations/open API
  • Fixed an issue with the competency widget displaying titles incorrectly on Safari and tablets



JULY 2022


  • RideOps dashboard will now show the logged in user how long they have been operating for.
  • Added the new Checklists and Notes features to RideOps — learn more here.
  • Added a new Notes widget for dashboards to overview the content and status of Notes created in RideOps.
  • Removed the Open Anyways option when a location is pending/missing any Critical for Operations tasks.
  • Added a Refresh Status button on the 'Not Ready for Operation' screen to manually pull operational status data from the Mobaro backend.


  • Downtime information can now be retroactively added to uptime periods.
  • You can now paste reference images from your clipboard when adding in elements for a checklist.
  • Dashboard widgets will be respect the size designated to them when editing them in the templates.
  • Added the "Only Admins Can Edit this Super" flag to the API.
  • Added the ability to attach user groups to roles.


  • Fixed issues with the progress bar for the Certification Processes not updating properly.
  • Fixed the month/year "bouncing around" on the calendar / schedules page when scrobbling through.
  • Fixed a bug where some RideOps users couldn't factory reset.


JUNE 2022


  • Added new dedicated endpoints to the RideOps API that include the following:
    • Dispatches — capture and see each dispatch interval and capacity figures per location
    • Queue — capture and see queue times per location
    • Statistics — gather aggregated stats between defined intervals
  • Added RideOps settings to Locations API.
  • Added a setting to encourage RideOps pin change on first login.


  • Added the ability to bulk edit owners on master calendars.
  • Added an easy way to go to assignments related to downtimes from the downtime information screen.
  • Added a push notification to alert Reviewers of a checklist that the completed checklist is ready for review in the mobile app.
  • Upon closing a location in RideOps, users will now be presented with a logout modal.
  • Added optional collapsibility to all menus throughout the backend application.
  • Improved UI to the backend application's month selector within the Schedule's calendar section.


  • Fixed multiple translations between the Web and App
  • Fixed a bug where the 'create a new assignment' prompt would be fixed in place on the Location Overview drill down if the assignment list was long enough to be scrollable.
  • Fixed an issue with the status bar on iPhone disappearing if Dark Mode was toggled on.
  • Fixed a display resolution issue where on some tablets, the settings panel in RideOps could overlap with the queue time toggle.
  • Fixed an issue 



MAY 2022


  • Number grid will now default to the location's inputted max capacity.
  • Number grid can now be sorted by ascending or descending order.
  • Number grid will now automatically subtract empty seats from the grid if the dispatchable units is 1.
  • Operator login page now includes a search bar to make it easier to find your user.
  • Upon closing a ride, RideOps will not ask that user if they'd like to sign out of the application.
  • New prompt for first-time users to change their pin codes in the RideOps app.
  • Added a warning to the creation/updating of RideOps keys that contain locations not currently enabled for RideOps.
  • Add feature to add / change a user's RideOps pin utilizing the API.
  • RideOps data can now be extracted from the API.


  • Elements in checklists are now displayed as "cards" to help facilitate where one element begins and ends.
  • When rescheduling a checklist, users will now only be shown a list of users/user groups they can delegate work to.
  • Added a time zone selector to the Operational Log in order to view correct log times across multi-timezone organizations.
  • Added the ability to move manuals, links, and videos between different folders in the library.
  • Disabled the ability for users to change predefined Locations for assignments created from a checklist.
  • Location name is now shown on Notifications as applicable.
  • External IDs are now visible with the Location Name throughout the mobile app.
  • Schedules can now be deleted in bulk.
  • Users can now have an external ID attached to them.
  • API now supports querying for locations, users, and assignments utilizing their respective externals IDs in addition to the Mobaro-registered ID.
  • A warning is now shown that no one will be able to handle missing/invalid results when setting up schedules without reviewers.
  • Disabled the "use from schedule" options in the reschedule editor when the schedule does not contain assignees or reviewers.
  • The progress bar around the Checklists icon now visualizes checklists awaiting validation and overdue checklists.
checklistscolors copy.png



  • Fixed an issue where the edit button was still active on a deleted manual.
  • Fixed an issue with the search bar on the Certifications page.
  • Fixed a bug where users would be prompted with an unknown error message if attempting to reschedule a missing result for a schedule without any assignee.
  • Fixed a display issue with slots in the schedule editor when "show full length" functionality was active.
  • Fixed an issue where certification attachments could only be images.


APRIL 2022


  • iOS and Android apps updated to version 1.1.30 and includes bug fixes and general improvements.


MARCH 2022


  • When creating a certification process that Requires Validation, you must now specify a reviewer (user or user group) prior to saving.
  • Added explanation hint to help users differentiate between 'Prefilled title' and 'Description' when setting up automatic assignment triggers on Checklists.
  • Opening a Location Group will now automatically bring up the editor pane for that group.
  • Schedule Slots and Calendars are now exposed via the API.
  • Added AnsweredAfter and AnsweredBefore parameters to the Results API.
  • Location Groups will now show first in filter selection.
  • By clicking on the RideOps logo, you can now factory reset the app without needing to clear browser cache.


  • Fixed an issue where any assignee could see all missing results for a schedule they are assigned to on the backend web application instead of just reviewers.
  • Fixed an issue where a checklist folder admin would not be able to modify or delete checklist permission folders.
  • Fixed an issue where the the user and user group icons were switched on the Certification Process setup flow.
  • Fixed an issue where changing a downtime title from null to a title would improperly show an existing title in the activity queue.
  • Added clarification for assignment trigger descriptions on checklist triggers.
  • Fixed a bug where searching for a checklist that contained a "/" in the title would not show up in the checklist selector for schedules.
  • Fixed a bug where downtimes without a registered assignment could not be edited.
  • Fixed an issue where the Location Selector for dashboards would be rendered on a new line above the dashboard instead of next to.
  • Fixed an issue where the save button was hidden when editing checklist permissions on a low res screen.
  • Fixed an issue with email reports failing to send due to differing language settings between the organization and the user.
  • Fixed a visual bug where Ad Hoc slots would not disappear from the web view when deleted.




  • "Owners" can now be added to schedules, calendars and ad hoc slots. Owners will inherently have full control of the schedules that they are added to without additional roles.
  • Improved assignable user and user group pickers. They now include users and user groups where either user group membership or user group delegation is shared and location membership is shared as well.
  • A "Last Week" option has been added to time filters in web.
  • When searching for users in web their email will now be visible below their name.
  • When searching for locations in web their external id will now be visible below their name.
  • Additional location information has been added to compliance page in reports.
  • Added ability to bulk update the results visible to setting on Schedules.



  • Manuals can no longer be saved prior to having been completely uploaded.
  • Selected report template will now reset to default when viewing changing to another result.
  • Competency overview widget width can now be changed.
  • Fixed issue where some dashboards would not resize when the browser window was resized.
  • Fixed issue with uploading manuals in Firefox.
  • Multiple location maps can now exist on the same dashboard.
  • Fixed issue that was present when uploading SVG files as images to checklists.
  • Fixed issue where week start configuration would not be in effect when no language had been configured on the user.
  • No longer will send two notifications when creating an assignment that has already started.
  • Enabled push notification sounds on iOS.
  • Fixed issue where API documentation would be rate limited.
  • Disable email report notification rules if the last checklist in the rule is deleted. This prevents the rule going from being sent for a single checklist to being sent for every checklists.
  • Fixed issue with exclusion end dates on Schedules not properly showing the end date if the exclusion was longer than 30 days.
  • Fixed issue where clicking on an expired certification from the Competency Overview grid widget would make the user also click the 'Include Expired Certifications' button to show that expired certification.




  • Along with manually assigning Certifications to users, you can now set up a flow to allow users to dynamically complete specific checklists in the new Certification Center on the mobile app.
  • This process can be customized to require validation from a reviewer or Super User on the backend.
  • Certification flows can now be automated to only allow certain certifications if all other requirements and certifications have been previous acquired.
  • Users can now completely restrict users from entering a checklist if they don't possess the required certifications and competencies to perform that checklist.

Location Groups

  • NEW Location Group API: The location group API allows you to programmatically interact with location group related actions, providing them with an easy way to manage memberships across many locations.
  • Locations can now also be added to location groups directly from the location editor in web.


  • The readiness drill-down now allows hiding items that are 100% and items with no active checklists.
  • Added location and address information to report compliance page.
  • Checklist permission folder admin/editor/translator search now includes users with shared location and user group memberships.
  • Users can now choose to "Discard Changes" when exiting checklists they have resumed from the cloud.
  • When the gallery is filtered to show images from assignments, an additional filter will appear allowing further filtering on assignment state (open/solved).
  • Added text below number questions that explains what character is used as decimal separator.
  • Location Overview now has a breadcrumb that shows (and allows navigating) the path that is currently active.
  • Location Overview "<" (back) button now goes directly back to the dashboard, regardless of current path depth.
  • Whenever a user is disabled a full screen message will be shown notifying the that they have been disabled and will be logged out. Closing the message will take the user back to the login screen.
  • The calendar will now properly refresh status when changing days if any checklists expire while the calendar is open.

Fixes / Improvements

  • Fixed a visual issue where, when resuming a checklist, the slider question marker would appear to not be in the correct position and would not show the correct value.
  • The "+" button in the assignments list will no longer sit right on top of the last assignment in the list.
  • Fixed ordering by readiness percentage in the readiness drill-down.
  • Score intervals (for number/slider questions) will now auto-correct intervals to from < to.
  • Improved filtering of assignment assignee search results in web.
  • Fixed issue where location properties would be duplicated.
  • Fixed issue where bulk changing locations in dashboards would add multiple locations to widgets that only supports one location.
  • Fixed an issue where dates in RideOps widgets would be off by a day.
  • Limiting published library folders to specific location groups has been fixed.
  • Images from checklists that has been copied will now be properly resizable.
  • Fixed issue where in some cases the app calendar would show an "activity dot" on days where nothing was available.





  • When the gallery in web is filtered to images from assignments, another filter will appear that allows the user to filter on assignment status.
  • Re-opening an assignment (which will reassign it to the user who re-opened it) will now also show the reassignment in the "Activities" section.
  • The "Compliance Table/Matrix" widget header will now also be visible when scrolling.
  • Added help text when a user cannot be modified because the editor is not able to modify the user in all organizations.

Fixes / Improvements

  • SVG images are now supported as attachments in the web app.
  • Fixed issue with readiness drill-down (hierarchy)
  • Fixed issue when viewing reference images in fullscreen mode in web app.
  • Fixed issue where reference images in checklists and assignments would show as "invalid format".
  • Fixed issue with result excel export when very old results are involved.



Introducing Competency Management

  • Users can now create competencies in web and set them as requirements:
    • Operators in RideOps can now be required to have one or more competencies in order to operate a ride.
    • Checklists can now require the performing user to have one or more competencies. Completing a checklist without the required competencies will trigger the compliance flows in web.
  • Certifications are used to award a user with a given competency. They describe the documentation and expiration details about the competency.
    • The current version allows manual creation of these certifications.
  • A new "Competency Overview" widget has been added that allows supervisors to get an overview of the current status of competencies awarded to different users.
    • Green = The certification is in good standing
    • Yellow = The certification will expire in the next 30 days
    • Red = The certification has expired



  • Activity summary can now be configured to not be sent when there has been no activity in the period it is generated for. This is the default setting for all new activity summary rules.
  • Added the ability to define time zone to use for timestamps in the result summary excel export.
  • Ad hoc schedule triggers in checklists can now define deadlines in minutes (in addition to hours/days).
  • Assignments where user is only subscriber (read-only) is now visible in the app.
  • Checklists that are critical will now have a red margin in the checklist overview of the app.


Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed issue where checklist scheduled via patterns on an inherited calendar would not appear in the app calendar.
  • Fixed issue where RideOps would report the ride as not ready for operation even though it was green in the location overview.
  • Fixed issue where adding both users and user groups as operators on a location could cause duplicate operators in the RideOps app.
  • Added details about the user and its active organization to information provided to WalkMe.
  • Available checklists will once again be in the top of the list of checklists in the app calendar.
  • Fixed some line height issues in the app with specific large tablets.
  • The report type selector will no longer be open after closing a report viewed through the app calendar.
  • Fixed file issues with M1 Mac computers.
  • Result visibility setting is now also honored when used through checklist schedule triggers.
  • Fixed issue where checklist backup PDF would sometimes show the checklist table.
  • Fixed issue where organization logo would not be displayed properly on dashboards where no other widgets existed on the same row.
  • Fixed issue where organization temperature unit setting would not be inherited for users that doesn't have a personal temperature unit setting (and the organization temperature unit is set to fahrenheit).
  • Fixed issue where locations already added to a location group would still show up in searches on location groups with a lot of locations.
  • Fixed issue with ordering the assignments table in web.
  • Fixed issue where inner circle markers on the location map overview widget would not be colored correctly.
  • Fixed issue where users would be logged out of web when resuming their computers (from hibernation).
  • Properly handle different file types in the gallery.



New Features

  • Assignment triggers in checklists can now be configured to "not require user intervention". This means that when the assignment is triggered by a response in the checklist, the assignment will simply be created in the background without bothering the user for additional information/confirmation.Screen Shot 2021-10-25 at 7.39.31 AM.png
  • You can now visually see the grace period for each schedule on the calendar to see their actual expiration.
  • Assignment started and overdue push notifications has been added and can now be enabled on account and/or user level.
  • A new widget, "Value Development by Question" has been added.
  • This widget and the Value Development by Location widget now support temperature questions.



Location Map feature has been released. 

  • You can now upload your own custom maps and pin locations on them. Each pin will give a quick indication of the current operation status of the location. Clicking a pin will display the same information that is available through the location overview.

New Features

  • Email report notifications can now be translated.
  • Checklist permission folder name is now displayed in checklist table when permission tree is closed.
  • Schedule tables now display their criticality settings on each row.
  • Checklist progress that is discarded in the app is now sent to the server.
  • Users can now copy checklists even when the permission tree is closed if the user can "administrate" (through permission folders) or create checklists (through a role). 



New Features

  • Results table in web can now be filtered on checklist categories and schedule type (continuous/ad hoc/calendar).
  • Results (table and reports) now reveals if more than one user was involved in its creation.
  • Added new tokens for report notifications:
    • "Started", "Answered" (in addition to the current "Received") timestamps.
    • Message (if the result is from an ad hoc schedule slot).
    • The "Start" and "End" timestamps of the result schedule.
  • Report notification text content can now be formatted with lists and text decoration.
  • Rescheduling a result will configure the schedule editor with the settings of the original schedule.
  • Checklist assignment trigger subscribers can now be bulk changed in the checklist editor.


JULY 2021

New Features

  • Added API for files and file categories.
  • Assignment attachments can now be managed through the API.
  • Assignments now has a "description" field that can contain multi line text with basic formatting.
    • The description field can only be edited in web and through the API.
    • The field is visible in the API, web and the app.
  • Users can now schedule checklist to users from their own user groups (and the ones they can delegate to) where they also share one or more location memberships.


JUNE 2021

New Features

  • Schedules can now define "target exclusions". This allows configurations where a schedule can target an entire location group and then subtract individual locations (and groups) from that group.
  • Users can now be impersonated directly from the users’ table.
  • Dashboards now supports a new "location switcher" that allows users to easily cycle through different locations on the same dashboard template.
  • IO queue time integration has been added to the application.


MAY 2021

New Features

  • RideOps companion application has been released.
  • The Location Overview widget has been updated to allow users to overview their organization better at a glance.
  • Users (with the right permissions) can now schedule to user groups where they are a member (or delegatable groups thereof).
  • Users can now schedule checklists they have access to through checklist permission folders.
  • "Schedules" table in web will now only show schedules that the user can edit (or all - if the user has "View Schedules" permission).
  • "Results" view in web now displays a Critical for Operation tag when it originates from a schedule that is marked as critical.
  • Result report compliance page now includes a Critical for Operation indicator and a result identifier.
  • The RideOps app now supports manuals and videos. These can be published by folder in the web admin to specific users and groups and then (optionally) be limited to specific locations.
  • Manuals/videos/links can now also be published to the Mobaro.
  • Checklists can now be exported to PDF.
  • Number question widgets now also supports "difference" calculations for time ranges.

Other news

  • Fixed issue where high priority assignments would show up in location overview color explanation dialog even when organization is not configured to include them.
  • Fixed issue where users were not able to filter reports on schedules where they are assignee/reviewer in the app report section.
  • Deleting locations will no longer remove that location from all assignments that was ever created on it.
  • Missing results from schedules where "Ignore missing" and "Critical for Operation" has been set will now always be visible.


APRIL 2021

New Features

  • Question condition filter has been created that allows defining one or more question/option combination required for results to be included in a given widget.
  • Schedule messages will now also be displayed when tapping future checklists in the App calendar.
  • Results from schedules can now be configured to show to specific users including:
    • Assignees
    • Performing user
    • Reviewers only


MARCH 2021

New Features

  • Checklist permission folders feature has been released. Users can now organize their checklists in a hierarchy, that will also allow them to adjust admin/editor/translator permission of the checklists contained.
  • New bar chart widget has been added: Number of completed checklists per location/location group. Drill down shows individual results (and allows viewing the full report).
  • "Value on Question" widget now includes a drill down showing all the results behind the value (and allows viewing the full report).

Other news

  • Super users can now view "Device Information" in result reports (this was previously reserved for Mobaro admins).
  • Users can now filter widgets using names of the checklists that have been scheduled to them through ad hoc scheduling.
  • Removed the "Reschedule" button if the user doesn't have both "Approve Missing" and "Create Schedule" permission (would just fail if they tried previously).



User group logic has been released

  • Checklists can now hide and show elements and pages based on user group memberships (or lack thereof) of the user.
  • Result validation in the app will no longer remove elements that are not visible to the reviewer from the final report.

New Features

  • Number widgets ("as text" and "by location") have been updated with a new "Latest Result" setting.
    • The previous "Latest" (value) setting has been replaced by this setting.
    • Selecting only a single question will simply show the latest result value for that question.
    • Selecting multiple questions will allow sum/average on those questions with the same result.
    • The question selector in the filter now only presents the user with valid number/slider questions.

Previously on 'Mobaro'

  • Locations table can now be filtered on locations with downtime and/or enabled for operations.
  • Users from user groups are no longer shown in "Assignments by assignee" widget drill down when filtering by user groups (unless the user is explicitly included in the filter).


  • New checklist documentation: Links can now be added to checklist elements.
    • They can be versioned (and targeted) just like manuals and videos.
    • The default browser/app on the users device will be used to display the target of the link (website/pdf/etc).



New checklist features

  • Number, slider, and temperature questions can now give points based on configured intervals.
  • Checklists can now be resumed directly from the resumable results list in the "Reports" section of the App.
  • User can now open their current checklist progress as a report in the app.


API updates released

We've just released quite a few updates to our public API.

  • Results: Users can now extract results through the API, including a representation of what the checklist looked like at the time it was completed.
  • Downtime: The API now supports: list, create, update, delete and close operations for downtime.
  • Uptime: Location uptime periods can now be fetched, created, updated, and deleted through the API.
  • Locations: Added ability to open and close locations.
  • Operational status: Location API output has been expanded to include operational status (state, active downtimes etc.).
  • Question categories: Added a basic API to extract question category information given an ID.



'Schedules triggered from checklists' feature has been released

Checklists can now trigger ad hoc schedules based on question answers. These schedules will start immediately after the result has been completed and received by Mobaro. The created schedules can be viewed in the "Ad Hoc Slots" section of web and in the reports. Please note that there is plenty of room for improvement in the audit parts of the feature (e.g. status of schedules in reports and such). Regard the current implementation as an initial version that will evolve with user requests.





  • Scored below maximum deviation added: Schedules can now mark results as requiring validation if they score below 100%.
  • Result invalidated notification: When a result is invalidated, and the schedule for that result is still active, the user that completed the invalidated result will be notified.
  • Resumable result naming: When saving checklist progress (locally or in the cloud), users can now (optionally) enter a name for the content allowing them the easily distinguish between multiple resumable items.
  • Color and layout updates: The login page has been redesigned and the primary color has been changed to a more Mobaro color.


Updates for the Dashboards:

  • The widgets (and their drill-downs) now support the new compliance features. This means that missing results and checklists that require validation will not count toward a higher readiness unless they are approved.
  • Users can also choose to not include approved results in readiness (effectively disabling the validation flow).
  • Users can also choose to include results regardless of validation status (effectively ignoring compliance - except for missing results).
  • The widgets can now define a custom time range (was previously only for "Today").
  • A new "time range inclusion" concept has been added to the widgets. This allows configurations like "Include all checklists that ends this week". Options are the following:
    • Overlaps
    • Starts
    • Ends
    • Starts and ends
  • Filters have been aligned and now include:
    • Time Range (as mentioned above),
    • Checklists and checklist categories
    • Locations and location groups
    • Schedules

Compliance Meter widget added

This widget works much like the readiness bar widget but instead of simply showing the readiness percentage, it shows the individual parts that contribute to the readiness calculation:

  • "Handled"
  • Requires approval
  • Missing
  • Overdue
  • Available now
  • Available later

The widget has the same configuration options as the readiness widgets.


User relations available in user editor

When editing a user, super users (and Mobaro admins) can now view all the roles, user groups, and location/location groups that the user is a member of. Users can also be added (as users directly) to roles, user groups, and locations (though not location groups) from this editor.


Compliance Page in reports has been released

All compliance-related items and more have been added to a page compliance page in reports. This will be standard for all reports but can be disabled in report templates.




Expected deadline deviation has been released

  • Patterns, specifics and ad hoc slots (and reschedules) can now define a "grace period". A grace period is a period after the expected deadline of a schedule where users will still able to complete the scheduled checklists.
  • A "Require timely answer" option has been added to calendar schedules and ad hoc slots. This option will require validation of results received after the "expected" deadline.
  • Users can enter an explanation in the app when the result is completed "too late".
  • Users in the app will only see the expected deadline. If the expected deadline is passed, the grace period deadline will be shown instead - but marked in red.
  • A new "overdue" notification will be sent to users when the expected deadline has been passed (and a grace period has been defined).
  • A new "overdue" widget has been added. This widget displays the checklists that are currently overdue. Drill down allows viewing them grouped by location.


Minimum duration deviation has been released

A "Require minimum answer duration" option has been added to all schedules and ad hoc slots. When this option is selected, it is possible to define the minimum required duration. This option will require validation of results if the minimum duration is not exceeded when answering the checklist.

The users answering the checklist in the app will not be informed or warned about the minimum duration requirement, and they will not be asked for an explanation.

A new "Compliance" column is now added to the result summary. The column will show small tags visualizing the different deviations using colors.

  • Gray - Not tested for the given deviation
  • Red - Tested for the given deviation and failed
  • Green - Tested for the given deviation and passed

Compliance tags on results

The result table in web will now show tags for deviations that exist on results (in red). This will be extended to also show the results that has been tested and passed a configured test (in green) with the next app update.

State filter for completed checklists widget

The completed checklists widget can now be filtered on compliance validation state (awaiting validation/approved/disapproved).


Deviation overview for reviewers using the app

When reviewing results in the app, the user is now presented with a list of the deviations before they enter the checklist. The reviewer can also see the users explanation and/or the attached images.


Messages to assignees

It is now possible to enter a message to the assignee in the following events.

  • When creating an ad-hoc-slot.
  • When rescheduling a missing result.
  • When invalidating an existing result (except for results from a continuous schedule).

The message will popup in the app before they enter the checklist.




Introducing GPS location compliance

All schedule types can now be configured to require validation of all results where one or more questions has been answered out of bounds.

  • The "Require GPS" option has been removed from checklists in favor of this approach.
  • Completing a checklist with one of more questions answered out of bounds will now trigger an "explanation" dialog.
  • Reports in web now shows deviation information and explanation (if any) in the pane to the right.
  • Questions answered out of bounds where GPS tracking is enabled will now show an "out of bounds" warning in reports.
  • Schedule compliance settings can now be bulk changed.


Update on widgets

  • Checklist categories and folders can now be bulk added/replaced/removed.
  • "(number)Question Value" widget now supports selecting multiple questions.
  • A new bar chart "(number)Question value by Location" widget has been added. It shows the latest/average/sum values per location.
  • A new table "MTTR MTBF Details" widget has been added. It shows downtime, MTTR and MTBF information as time, count and percentages.
  • A new table "Operational History Details" widget has been added. It shows uptime and downtime per location as time and percentages.
  • A new bar chart "Assignments by category and location" widget has been added.


Other news

  • Data points in NPS score development charts now use the answered date of the result instead of the answered date of the individual question.
  • Improved full-size image view a bit for some resolutions/image ratios.



Introducing invalidation and rescheduling

We have released the result invalidation feature along with a few other fixes and updates. The package includes:

Result Invalidation

  • Invalidated (and previously deleted) results can be viewed in a new dedicated section in web.
  • Rescheduled missing results now enable users to resume resumable (and expired) content that was available on the source schedule slot.
  • When invalidating a result where the source schedule slot has expired, users can choose to reschedule slot directly from the invalidation flow.
  • Invalidated results can (optionally) be made resumable.

Other news

  • Downtime duration can now also be changed after the downtime has been closed.


JUNE 2020

Introducing validation and rescheduling

We've released a major feature update that includes handling (validation) of both results and missing results. This feature includes a lot of changes that are pretty hard to explain in a short list. With that said, this feature includes but is not limited to:

Validation and Reschedule of Missing Results

  • Missing results table now shows all missing results instead of just the last 12 months.
  • Missing results can now be opened in a detailed view containing origin data and a complete activity feed.
  • Missing results can now be "Approved".
    • Approving a missing result will change its state to "Approved". 
    • Comment and images can be attached to describe why the missing result was approved.
    • Using this feature requires the "Validate Missing Results" role or super user access.
  • Missing results can now be "Rescheduled".
    • A rescheduled missing result inherits all the features available for ad hoc slots (notifications, require approval etc.).
    • While the target location for a reschedule is locked, the assignees and reviewers can (optionally) be changed.
    • Reschedule status can be monitored directly from the missing result it originates from and/or from the ad hoc slot table.
    • Rescheduling a missing result will change its state to "Rescheduled", which can be used for filtering.
    • Comment and images can be attached to describe why the missing result was rescheduled.
    • Using this feature requires the "Validate Missing Results" role or super user access.
  • Rescheduled and approved missing results can be "Rejected".
    • Rejecting a missing result approval simply changes the state of the missing result back to "Missing".
    • Rejecting a reschedule will cancel the rescheduled slot and return the state of the missing result to "Missing".
      • Cancelled reschedules will not cause further missing results.
      • Cancelled reschedules will always be visible in the activity feed of the missing result it was created from.
    • Using this feature requires the "Validate Missing Results" role or super user access.
  • The "Missing Checklists" widget now has a missing result "State" filter.
    • The states are as mentioned above: Missing/Approved/Rescheduled.
    • Both drilldown levels will adapt and only show information related to the selected states.
  • Email reports can be sent whenever a result is awaiting validation, is approved, or is disapproved.
  • Email report tokens also include "ValidatedBy", "ValidationComment", "ValidationDate".

Validation of Results

  • "Approval" has been changed to "Validation" and now includes the ability to either approve or disapprove results.
  • Results that has been marked as requiring validation is now available in the mobile app for users that are "Reviewers" on the result schedule and has the "Validate Results" permission.
  • Validating results in the mobile app inherits all the features of resuming a result, but with a few differences.
    • When tapping "Done", the reviewer will be asked to either approve or disapprove the result.
    • For both approval and disapproval, the reviewer will be asked to (optionally) enter a comment and/or add image attachments.
  • A new logic type can be used in checklists that can show or hide elements based on if the result is being validated or not.
  • Result list in web can be filtered by validation states.


Other news:

  • Continuous checklists can now be viewed and started from the location overview in the mobile app.
  • Missing results list can now be filtered by checklist category.


MAY 2020

Introducing results approval

If defined in the schedule of the checklist, the system will mark results as requiring approval when they are received. All schedule types (calendar, ad hoc and continuous) supports approval.

  • A red circle next to results indicates that they require approval. This will change to green when approved.
  • Users that has been assigned as "Reviewer" and has the new role permission "Approve Results" will be able to approve results.
  • A result approval can contain a description and multiple images.


Email report notification rule improvements

  • Rule configuration user friendliness has been greatly improved. Options has been grouped and help texts has been added where it makes sense.
  • The rule can now "triggered" by specific events instead of simply sending an email when a result has been received:
    • When progress is saved online
    • When a result is received
    • When a result requires approval
    • When a result has been approved
  • The rule can now also send reports to users assigned as "Reviewer".
  • Checklists and targets are now optional and will now instead behave as a limit. This means that if left empty, the rule will work for all locations and checklists.
  • Specific locations (not just location groups) can now also be targeted by the rule.
  • A few new tokens has been added, mainly dealing with result approval, e.g.:
    • Approved by/Approval comment/Approval date
  • Token editor can now insert tokens directly into the fields supporting them.


APRIL 2020

Introducing the first API iteration

Yesterday we deployed the very first version of our public API for Mobaro. The released version is a starting point for an API that will grow and adapt to fit the needs of our customers. With that said it is important to note that, even though the API is now running, it is still very much considered early access for consumers and may be subject to change as the first integrations are created with our guidance.

The API allows customers programmatic access to get, create, update and delete the following entities:

Assignments (can also be solved)

  • Locations
  • Location properties
  • Ad hoc schedule slots
  • Roles (members, not permissions at this point)
  • Users
  • User groups

Checklists can be deleted and have their folders and categories updated through the API. They can also be fetched in a simplified version that includes only id, title, description, folders and categories.


Other news:

  • Locations can now be deleted in bulk through the web administration interface.
  • A report can now be visualized through the GPS positions captured while a result was completed. The view can be accessed in the top right corner of the report dialog in web.


MARCH 2020

Introducing Ad Hoc scheduling

This feature allows scheduling work without creating a calendar. It has all the features of the regular calendar schedules like ignoring missing results and reminder/availability notifications. It can be accessed under the "Schedules" menu item.


Other news

  • Users can now view completed/solved assignments in the location overview.
  • Added QR scanning functionality for filters in reports and gallery sections.
  • Assignment filters are now saved per user (per device).



Introducing the Work Forecast notification
This feature helps preventing overdue assignments and missing checklists. It contains a list of

  • all active checklists and assignments.
  • all the checklists and assignments that has been completed in the specified period.
  • all missing checklists from the specified period.

It can be configured to be sent on specific weekdays, e.g. Monday – Friday, and it will be sent earliest possible on selected weekdays.

The "period" configurable for the notification is: current day/week/month, and it can be configured to include items where deadline is within the selected period or items that overlap the selected period.
Recipients can be configured as users and/or user groups. All recipients will receive content for all locations that they are a member of. Target locations can (optionally) be limited to specific locations and location groups.


Results has a new display and modifying opportunities.
A result activity feed has been added to the result viewer in the web interface. This feed shows information about when the result was created and updated.

Results in web are now displayed in a pretty full-screen dialog, and they can now be modified from the web administration interface. All changes are logged and displayed in a before/after form. Results that has been modified either through resuming (by another user) or through the web interface is visibly marked in the result table view.

Note: This is only meant to correct simple errors in the result. Visibility logic and assignments triggers will not be evaluated when changing answers through this interface.


Other news

  • Report templates now has the option to hide non-scoring question except questions that cannot give points.
  • Downtime activity feed will now show information about assignments created from the downtime. It will also show an entry for attached assignments that has been solved.
  • Creating downtime that automatically trigger assignments now actively requires to tick off "Create Assignment" in the downtime editor instead of just automatically creating one after the downtime has been created.




Introducing reminders
Schedule specifics/patterns can now define reminders that will be sent at a given time if the checklist has not been completed. A user can choose to use values of a given specific (start, end and reminders) as presets when creating other specifics, and these reminders can be copyed and pasted reminders between specifics.

A reminder notification messages will display a deadline unless it is a reminder for multiple (different) deadlines. The deadline exists in the following formats (will use date and time settings from recipient to decide formats):

  • Same day: Deadline today at 22:00 / 10pm
  • Tomorrow: Deadline tomorrow at 22:00 / 10pm
  • Later than tomorrow, but less than 7 days: Deadline thursday at 22:00 / 10pm
  • 7 days or more: Deadline 22-12-2019 / 12/22/2019

Reminder notification messages exists in the following formats:

  • 1 checklist, 1 location: {checklist} is still available for {location}.
  • 1 checklist, multiple locations: {checklist} is still available for {first location} and x other location(s).
  • Multiple checklists, 1 location: {first checklist} and x other checklist(s) are still available for {location}.
  • multiple checklists, multiple locations: {first checklist} and x other checklist(s) are still available.


Other news

  • Answer distribution widget now also supports Smiley questions.
  • You can now delete/disable/enable multiple users in one go.



Extended reporting
Reports now show which manuals and videos that was visible to the user while completing the checklist for each question. It also shows which of these manuals and videos has been viewed, and by whom. Note: This information is only collected for results completed using the newly released App update.
Furthermore the "Reports" view in the mobile now displays the results directly on the first page and allows users to filter much like other App views.


Other news

  • Users can now bulk update locations operational logging, language and radius.
  • Filters defined in dashboard templates can now be renamed.
  • Super users (and users with "Delete Result" permission) can delete results, and change the location of results. This will also change the location of all assignments created from the result (unless it already changed).
  • Deleted assignments can now be viewed in the "Assignments" view in web, and when deleting an assignment, a useR can now (optionally) add a comment.



Introducing QR codes
All locations are now registered in Mobaro with a (customized) QR code. The mobile app can filter assignments and checklists views by scanning QR code for a given location. Furthermore the location overview tile shows the details for a location directly when scanning a matching QR code.
Checklists can now require users to answer using a QR code. This can be done in three different modes:

  • Location: Requires a QR code matching the code for the location the checklist is connected to.
  • Specific: Requires a QR code matching a specific text value entered on the QR code question in the checklist.
  • None: Simply requires the user to scan any QR code.

Schedules are getting easier to work with
The schedules specific editor will now use the time span of the last saved/edited specific schedule as the prefilled time span for new specifics. Furthermore, can the schedules table in web show a "Lock Password" for continuous schedules (if configured).
Calendar schedules can be configured to "ignore" missing results. This means that when scheduled checklists expire without a result, they will not count as a missing result.

Organizations can now define a "first day of week", which will affect how calendars and filters behave. These settings can be overridden per user.


New options added when managing assignments
Ad-hoc assignments can be added from the '+' menu in checklists. The user can attach as many assignments to any given question as they like. The feature can be enabled per checklist.
Assignments can now be solved when creating them, which allows users to answer a question with an assignment and solve it immediately without exiting the checklist
An assignment deadline that is overdue is now marked more clearly in the assignments list in web.


Other news

  • Images in result reports in web app will now show the amount of comments and categories that has been attached to the image.
  • The Results tab in web app now has a new "Open Assignments" column that displays the amount assignments from the report that has not yet been resolved. Clicking the column will take the user to a filtered assignments list.
  • The Locations tab in web now shows configured "Radius" and "GPS tracking" value for each location (if configured).
  • You can bulk update checklists settings (gps tracking, allow ad-hoc assignments etc.), and if copying pages in checklists, they will now translate (and contain) logic references within the same page.
  • Improved availability notifications. When a single checklist (for a single location) becomes available it will contain: "Checklist X is now available for Location Y". When more than one becomes available it will contain: "Checklist Y and X(number) other checklist(s) are now available".



Introducing Multiple Organizations
Regular users can now have multiple organization memberships, which allows that a user can work in different organizations simultaneously (across tabs, app and web).

Therefore a “Super User” role has been implemented. A super user has full access to everything within an organization without setting up roles. Furthermore, a super user can impersonate other users within the organization.

Users can now be disabled, as an alternative to deletion. This will leave their memberships/assignments intact, but prevent them from logging in. Users are disabled per-organization.


Checklists are faster and easier to work with.
We have made the following improvements to make checklist easier to work with and copy.

  • Logic and triggers will now also be included when copying entire checklists and when copying individual questions/pages within the same checklist.
  • Checklists can now be copied to other organizations.
  • Images, triggers and logic will be copied, but organization specific content will be removed (manuals, categories etc.). The copy dialog will warn about content that will be removed.
  • Assignment trigger assignees will need to be re-mapped (e.g. from Mechanics user group in source organization to a similar user group in the destination organization). This can be done in the copy dialog.
  • Deleting options in checklists will now warn the user if triggers/logic is dependent on the option. The user can choose to replace the option in dependent triggers/logic with another option from the same question OR delete all dependent triggers/logic.
  • Deleting questions will now warn the user if logic is dependent on the question. Choosing to delete will now also remove all dependent logic.


Other news

  • The location overview in the mobile app can now be toggled to show all locations instead of grouping them by location group much like in web app.


AUGUST  2019

More widgets are added and updated

  • Assignments by Assignee widget is added. It displays the amount of open assignments in a bar chart (each bar representing a user or user group). You can filter by location(group)s, checklists, assignment categories and high priority. The drill down shows a detailed list of assignments the number is based upon.
  • Question Category Hierarchy widget is added. It displays either entire hierarchy or subset from provided category. You can filter by time range, checklists and location(group)s. The first level drill down shows average score for checklists and questions the hierarchy numbers are based upon. The second level drill down shows average score for locations (for selected question), and the third level drill down shows all results involved in the numbers above.
  • Answer Distribution widget is added. It is based upon a single question in a single checklist, and it displays the amount of answer for each option in a pie chart. You can filer by time range and location(group)s. The drill down shows a detailed list of results the number is based upon.
  • A new drill down is added to the Completed Checklists widget, which displays number of checklists completed per location. Further drill down shows a list of results for the selected location.
  • A new drill down is added the Missed Checklists widget. It displays number of missed checklists per location. Further drill down shows a list of missed results for the selected location.


JULY 2019

Widgets are added and updated

  • Location Operational Status widget is added. It displays amount of currently open and closed locations (where enabled for operational logging). It displays amount of currently open or blocking downtimes. Each metric has its own drilldown showing the locations/downtimes.
  • Location Operational History widget is added. It displays amount of downtimes that was created within the provided time range, and the drilldown shows downtimes involved. Furthermore it displays amount of uptime/downtime hours (or percentage) within the provided time range, and the drilldown shows uptime/downtime statistics for each location involved.
  • MTTR/MTBF widget is added. It displays meantime to repair and meantime before failure in hours. The drilldown shows uptime/downtime and MTTR/MTBD per location involved.
  • Location Overview widget is added. Can be toggled to fit in as many location boxes as possible on the given monitor (instead of fix percentage width). This will allow customers with huge monitors to display more boxes per row. To make boxes appear simpler, the following options have been added:
    • Allow hiding assignment information boxes
    • Allow hiding checklist information boxes
    • Shows icon in box title if high priority assignments exist on the location
    • Allow sorting locations by name or status (red/amber/green).
  • A drill down is added to "Average Score" widget, which shows the average score by location/location groups.
  • The Average Score by Location/Location Group widget can now be colored by upper/lower limits defined by the user.

Dashboard templates can now lock their filters
This means that dashboard admins can disable custom filtering for users, hiding all their filter buttons.


JUNE 2019

Widgets are added and updated

  • Added checklist filters for all assignment widgets.
  • Added average score by location (and groups) widget.
  • Added toggle to show average points (instead of percentage) for all score widgets.
  • Added text question result excel export.
  • Location overview can now be added as a widget to regular dashboards.
  • Location overview widget can now be toggled to support coloring based on deadlines after "today".
  • Latest Images widget can now be paged with arrow keys.
  • Average score widget charts now sets maximum value (Y-axis) based on the maximum possible question score in the checklist.
  • Improvements for all readiness widget drill downs. It now shows locations (and location groups) involved in a tree-structure. The numbers behind the readiness percentage is now also visible and the tree can be sorted by readiness/name.


Introducing the ability to tagging users in assignments
Users can now tag other users and/or user groups in an assignment, and they get read-only access to the assignment and can participate in the assignment comment track. This feature comes with a list of improvements to workflows centered around assignment. Among these are:

  • Users now retain assignment ownership regardless of assignee. This means that a user can now re-assign to users/user groups without losing access to the assignment.
  • Richer assignment push notifications with more information about who did what.
  • Checklist triggers can add subscribers for assignments triggered in the checklist. This means that users/user groups that is not directly responsible for solving the assignment can still follow along.


Other news

  • All time range filters now includes a "specific month" option allowing the users to easily filter on whole months.
  • Question categories are now included in the text question result excel export
  • The notification centre now shows every notification regardless of push/email notification settings.
  • Push/email notifications are now subscription based. Relevant users will automatically be subscribed, but has the option to unsubscribe on a per-assignment basis.


MAY 2019

Assignments can be grouped and filtered
Assignment filtering has been greatly improved, and the assignments list can now be grouped by either location or assignee.


APRIL 2019

Infinite scroll in web
Infinite scroll are available in all selectors in web. All user, schedule, location etc. selectors now automatically loads more entries that matches your search if you scroll to the bottom of the dropdown (and more entries exist).


MARCH 2019

Images are improved

  • Images can now be categorized from the image gallery in the mobile app.
  • Filtering by category is an option in the image gallery in the mobile app. Images from checklists can also be filtered by page in the app.
  • It is possible to comment on images from both web and mobile app.
  • Images can now be categorized and/or commented directly from reports (and assignments) in web.
  • Visible comment/categories count on image previews in the gallery in both mobile and web app.

Notifications are improved

  • Notification center is now available in the mobile app.
  • Users can choose subscribe to image updates, so they receive notifications whenever someone else comments and/or adds categories to the image. Users are automatically subscribed to these notifications when creating the image, or when commenting the image.
  • Push notifications for both "Image Commented" and "Image Categorized" events are configurable on both user and organisation level.



All organizational configuration under one tab
The updated organizational tab will provide a better editing experience for organizational configuration. All is under one tab, and all categories now supports update and delete operations (and will update their usages retroactively). Furthermore, all categories are now configured in tables.
Introducing image categories
In the web app administrators can now create image categories and use them to filter the gallery by these categories.
Furthermore, the image gallery is now available in the mobile app

Introducing the notification center
From the notification center tab assignment assigned/resolved/commented notifications will now be visible and grouped.



Introducing reviewer access
The new "Reviewer" role gets access to results. This means new possibilities for setting up local administrators for your customers, and it brings some changes to how certain View-roles works.


New Question type
Signature questions are now available in checklists. Users can now add questions that require the user to add a signature.


Other news

  • Schedule assignees/reviewers can now be bulk added/removed/replaced.
  • When using the user import feature, all imported users are now required to change their password by default.




Support for Bluetooth thermometers
We now support pairing Bluetooth devices with Mobaro for capturing data to be used in checklists.

Please note, that this feature is only available on iOS and Android. To see which features, that are available on specific platforms check our feature matrix.

Click here to see how you pair a device with Mobaro. Note, that at this point we only guarantee support for two devices – the Bluetooth thermometers BT125KC and BT125W from CoMark Instruments.


New Question Types

  • Temperature Question – to be used in collaboration with Bluetooth capabilities. It can also be used manually, by recording a temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Reports reflect whether the registered temperature is done manually or by a connected instrument.
  • Duration Question – either used manually or as a timer. Supports other questions reacting to the measured duration via logic.


New notification types
Users can now receive push and/or email notifications when comments are made on:

  • assignments created by them
  • assignments assigned specifically to them
  • assignments assigned to any one of their groups

The different notifications options can be found under the Notification rules tab.

Other news

  • The app now colors the margins of the individual questions to make it easier to differentiate between answered and unanswered questions – especially handy on question types with iffy UI such as Sliders 
  • An Excel export has been added to the assignment overview in the web application. This allows you to export all assignments into an Excel file



New dashboard features
Several new features have been added to the dashboard designer. It is now possible bulk change basic filters, mark it as your favorite and distribute your customized dashboard with predefined filters. You can also enter the dashboard in full-screen mode and a “touch-mode” where a menu in the left side of the screen presents the available filters.

We have also improved existing widget and added new ones including the following:

  • Readiness as Text: Readiness represented in text instead of bar gauge
  • Completed Checklists: the number of completed checklists (types).
  • Missed Checklists: the number of missed checklists
  • Contributed: the number of distinct users who took part in completing a range of checklists.
  • Question Category Score: the aggregated score for a question category
  • Circular Question Category Score: results are presented as a circular guage


Mobile access to reports
Access the report archive on mobile. The user has access to the same reports they would have if they logged into the web application. Do note – this is an online feature only.

You can now setup rules for how different formats of your reports should look like, and we have added several extra options to the existing templates “Details Report” and the “Action Report”. The templates can be used on web, in the app as well as on the different report emails you distribute.


Images uploads automatically to the gallery
Images from assignments have found their way into the gallery and thumbnails in the gallery are denoted with an icon showing whether they are from a checklist or an assignment.


Introducing checklists folders
By ordering your checklists in folders, you can control the amount of checklists a user has access to. You can enable checklists folders in the Organization section under Configuration. Once you have created your folders, these will be available in the checklists editing. Checklists can belong to multiple folders at once.

NB. Make sure that users have Group checklists by folders enabled under App Settings on their profile, so they can see their checklists split into a simple folder structure. Checklists which aren’t associated with any folders, are presented at the front.


Introducing operational logging.
This is a way for our users to capture information about operational hours as well as incidents leading to unplanned downtime. Locations need to be enabled for “Operational Logging” – this is done from the Locations tab in the web application. Interruptions can be classified (for reporting purposes) and assignments can be associated with downtime to have an auditable trail for how the locations are made operational again.

The locations operational status is indicated by color and can be found at Location Overview dashboard on web or mobile app.

You can read more about downtime and how to get started here

Introducing resumable checklists
You can now save a checklist in the cloud, access the checklists on different devices and allow colleagues to resume the checklist. You can make a report on the resumable checklists which have been submitted to Mobaro. Since checklists now can be completed by multiple people, each question is denoted with a name and date. Whether or not this should be shown can be controlled through Report Templates.

Furthermore, we have improved the formatting of text elements and explanatory text on questions allowing you to use formatting such as italic, bold, strike-through and lists.


Extended user settings
Certain user settings are now configurable from the web app. This includes, whether their app should automatically log in, if the app should respect checklist folders when listing available checklists, and whether to use the map view in the checklist inbox.




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