This article is about the use of the translation feature. The article explains how to add a new language to a checklist and thereby translate it.


When creating a checklist, you choose a primary language and further on secondary languages can be added. The translation will allow users with different languages to work on the same checklist but in their preferred language.


Adding a second language

  1. Go to the checklist tab, choose the checklist, and click edit.
  2. Click settings in the right corner of the checklist and mark the secondary languages you would like to add.
  3. Remember to save.


Using the translation tool

Go to the checklist tab, chose the checklist, and click the translate icon web.png.

  1. Choose the language, you wish to translate to and which language you want to translate from.
  2. Fill in translations in the left-side column, while the original translation is shown on the right-side column.
  3. After translating all strings in the checklist, remember to save.






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