Adding logic to a checklist

This article is about the use of logic. Logic means you can show or skip a page or a question based on certain conditions.


What is logic? 

With logic you can manage when a question should be visible in the checklist. The use of logic makes certain questions or sections appear when the selected conditions are met, e.g. on a specific weekday, or only if the location has specific properties. If for example a daily checklist has a check, that only should be done on Mondays. Or if a generic checklist is used on several locations and some of these locations have an extra area that needs to be checked.

Another and most common use of logic is to make a checklist dynamic by making certain questions appear based on answers to previous questions.

The last logic option is to make questions appear/disappear when the checklist is in a "Awaiting Validation" state. Read more on this here. 


How to add logic to a checklist

When editing a page or an element you will see an "Add Logic" button at the bottom of the editor.



By clicking this you can add one or more conditions for the element. If you add more than one condition, you need to pay extra attention to the drop-down menu in the phrase "Show this element if all/one of the conditions are met".




This feature provides you with the possibility of setting up dynamic checklists. It could be a simple elaboration of a check that is "OK" via adding a photo or typing in certain values. In the picture above the  question will only be presented to the user if he/she answers "Answer 2" to the previous question.

You could also have a multiple choice filter question at the beginning where each answer possibility has a page with questions connected. In this case, the use of logic makes sure that the user only is presented with relevant pages and questions depending on the answers to the first question.



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