Adding triggers to a checklist

This article is about the use of triggers. Triggers allow you to trigger an assignment based on an answer to a question.


What is a trigger?

Triggers can be used to force the creation of an assignment or a new check. Certain answer options trigger either one, and it makes the process of acting upon any issues easier. You can add one or more triggers that should fire based on certain answers, and Mobaro supports two different types of triggers:

  • Assignment triggers 
  • Ad Hoc Slot triggers 

Depending on the type of trigger, you can preset some of of the settings. When creating an assignment you can preset the content, e.g. assignee or category. In the Ad Hoc Slot trigger you have the same options as in any other scheduling editor - just as you can include different compliance rules. When completing the checklist the assignee of the checklist will not see that a checklist has triggered based on the answer. You can set up the trigger to notify the assignee when the triggered checklist becomes available. 


Note: Triggers are not available for all element types. 


How to add triggers to a checklist

  1. Add trigger. When creating or editing a question, scroll to the bottom of the editor and click add trigger.
  2. Chose whether you want to create an Assignment or Ad Hoc Slot trigger.
  3. Define trigger settings. Define if the trigger should fire when the answer is equal to or not equal to a certain answer; which answer that will depend on
    1. In assignment triggers you have to define the title of the assignment. The user can change the title if needed when working from the mobile app. 
    2. In the Ad Hoc Slot trigger you have to fill out the deadline, assignee and checklist. 


Creating an assignment trigger 



Creating an Ad Hoc Slot trigger




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