Adding checklist reminder to schedules

This article is about the use of checklist reminders. Mobaro can automatically send out push notifications to the assignees of checklists that are approaching their deadlines.


Remind assignees of checklists expiring 

Use notification reminders to decrease the risk of missing checklists. By adding reminders to the schedules or calendars that control your checklists, the system automatically sends out push notifications to the assignees of non-completed checklists that are approaching their deadlines.




How to set up reminders

You control this from the timetable of your schedules. If you are inheriting timetables from master calendars, then you should add the reminder here. Doing so will automatically apply the reminders to all the schedules that inherit from a particular master calendar. We highly encourage you to utilize a setup like this as it can save you time spent on setup.

To set up reminders, follow these steps:

  1. In the schedule/calendar tab, go to the editor of new or existing patterns or specifics. In the editor you can add reminders.
  2. Set the start and end time of the specific itself and click add reminder
  3. Select when the reminder should fire and click add reminder

Notice how the reminder has been added to the time slot. You can add as many as you need.




Tip: Copy duration/reminder settings. You will often need to add multiple time slots at the same time and often these will have the same duration- and reminder settings. If this is the case, then click the icon highlighted in yellow above. Doing so will make the system suggest the same settings when you add another time slot. 




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