How to create and manage your library

This article is a guide to set up your library. It takes you through the required steps to create you library and how to add the content of your library to a checklist.


The library makes it easier for you to keep manuals and videos up to date without having to replace a new version on all relevant questions. Before manuals and videos can be added to the questions, they have to be added to the library. When a user has access to a checklist with a manual or video connected to it, the support material will be available to the user in their library on the mobile app. It will be divided into folders equal to the library on the web app.

This article will take you through the following three steps to create and manage your library 

  1. Set up library folders
  2. Adding content to the library
  3. Linking library content to a checklist 


Step 1: Set up library folders


  1. Go to the Library tab.
  2. If you have not created any manuals or videos before you need to create at least one folder by clicking on your organization and then create folder.
  3. Make sub-folders by selecting the folder that you would like to create a sub-folder for and click + like before.




Tip: Start by creating a folder for each different type of files to give you a better overview. E.g. you might have concrete (manufacturers') manuals or procedures that you would like your staff to follow.  


Step 2: Adding content to the library 

The library can contain two different types of content: a manual (PDF) or a video.

Adding a manual

To add a manual in the simplest form, follow these steps:

  1. Click the relevant folder in which you want to create the manual.
  2. Enter a name and a description if relevant.
  3. Upload a PDF file.
  4. Press save.




A single version of the manual is created containing your PDF file. 

A manual can be divided into separate parts through sections. This allows you to link directly to a specific page, or range of pages, from you PDF file. Besides quicker access to the desired information, this also allows for less data usage on the recipient's mobile device.

  • Each section has its own name, to allow for easy mapping in checklists and to keep track of the version-mapping. Additional sections can be added by pressing +.

Furthermore a manual can have different versions, when different people in your organization needs to access different information from the same checklist. One such example could be language versioning, e.g. one document in english and one in danish. 

  • Each version is given a version name, a limited access, and contains a file. 
  • After creating a version, you will be prompted to do section mapping (can later be updated by pressing Edit Section Mappings). This allows you to link a section name with a part of the uploaded PDF file, so you can reference a section later on. In the Sections mapping dialog you will have to map the sections created earlier with the correct pages of the PDF file. The resulting file can be previewed by pressing preview file to ensure the correct pages have been selected.


Adding a video

To add a video in the simplest form, follow these steps:

  1. Click the relevant folder, in which you want to create the video.
  2. Enter a name and a description if relevant.
  3. Click the + to add a version. This will bring up a dialog asking you to enter or paste a youtube/vimeo link.
  4. Enter or paste the link and press OK. The system will load information from the video, creating a new version which you can rename. Furthermore you can change the limitation of the video.
  5. Press save.




If you want to continue to link the content in you library to a checklist continue to step no. 3.


Step 3: Linking library content to a checklist 

If a check has to be done in a certain way e.g. by following a manufacturer's manual, you can add either a PDF or video reference to the question. The users will have the option of reading the manual or watching the video while they are doing their checks.

When you have identified a question in a checklist that you would like to add a manual/video to, follow these steps.

  1. Go the particular checklist and click the specific question to edit.
  2. Press either add manual or add video button.
  3. A window pops up with your library folders. Select the relevant manual or video.
    1. If you have selected a video, you are all done.
    2. If you have selected a manual, you are now able to select a specific section from the manual or choose the entire manual. This allows your users to easily find the correct page(s) even within very large documents. 
  4. Press OK and save


If you want to know more about how to create a checklist check this article



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