Understand the status of an assignment

This article is about the lifespan of an assignment. It explains the different statuses an assignment can have.


Through the lifespan of an assignment, it is progressed through the following states, each representing the current status:

  1. Created: The assignment is created with a start time in the future.  
  2. Started: The assigned user is working on the assignment. 
    1. This status is only available/actionable on the Mobaro Backend.
  3. Resolved: The assignment is completed. 
  4. Reopened: The assignments has been reopened by a user.

Whenever working with an assignment, you will be presented with the option to progress the assignment to the next logical step.


Note: Once an assignment reaches the finished state, it can no longer be edited without being re-opened first.


Each step can be seen in the assignment editor, in the activities section.




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