How to create locations and location groups

This article is a guide to create locations and location groups. It explains the required steps to create and manage your locations.


Step 1: Create locations

All reports and activities in Mobaro are attached to locations. Hence, locations are created in Mobaro to allow scheduling of checklists and registration of assignments. Examples of locations could be; a ride, a restaurant, a gift shop, etc.  

  1. Go to the locations tab, and click the + create button.
  2. Fill out the following details:
    1. Name of the location.
    2. The location's email address is used when sending out email notifications.
    3. The external ID is a customer specific ID, e.g. shop number.
    4. Tick off if you want to enable operational logging to help you track the operational hours for the location. Read more about downtime in this article.
    5. The geographic location. The checklists that are scheduled for a location with a set geographic location will show as location markers on the map on the checklists tile in the mobile app.
    6. Add a custom QR code if relevant. If the field is left empty the system will automatically generate a code. Read more about the use of QR codes in this article. 
    7. The chosen language is used when generating email notifications.
    8. Choose the location properties applicable to this location. You can learn more about location properties here
    9. Which users and user groups should have access to the location. If a user, or user group, needs access to multiple locations, it may be easier to delegate access through a location group instead of adding the user to each location. Check step 2.
  3. Remember to press save.




Step 2: Create location groups

Location groups come in handy when users and/or user groups should have access to a cluster of specific locations. (E.g. "Kids areas", "F&B", or "Facilities").

  1. Go to location groups tab.
  2. Choose the level of the organization you want to add the location group to and click create group.
  3. Fill in the following details:
    1. Give the location group a name.
    2. Define which users should have access to the group. Leave this field empty if you want all members of the user groups that you define at the bottom to inherit the access.
    3. Define which locations you would like to include in the group.
    4. Define which user groups should have access to the location group. 
  4. Remember to press save.





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