This article is about location properties. It explains why and how to use them.


What is a location property?

Location Properties is a way to define the different properties that can be found on a location. Creating and adding location properties to your locations can become useful when creating checklists. Several locations can use the same checklist, but there might be some small differences depending on which properties each location has. 

For example, all locations should check their fire extinguisher. But locations, that also have a fire hose should check that as well. In this case you only want the question about the fire hose to be visible to the relevant locations. This is done by using logic with the location property on the question. For this to work, location properties have to be created and added to locations beforehand.


How to use location properties?

Properties can be added to locations, describing available features or inventory. These can then be used when adding logic to a checklist, allowing you to show or hide questions based on the current location's properties.

Location properties can be grouped into categories for easier overview.

  1. Go to the configurations tab, and press Location in the bar.
  2. Press add category and then add a new property. Additional properties can be added by pressing +. Additional categories can be added by pressing add category. 




To add properties to a specific location follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Locations tab, select the relevant location, and press edit.
  2. Scroll down to location properties, click and add the relevant properties
  3. Remember to press save.




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