How to create and delegate an assignment

This article is a guide to create an assignment. It takes you through the required steps to set up an assignment correctly.


Assignments directs and log work actions

Assignments are used to delegate work actions to different users. This can be done both from the web and mobile app. Assignments can be created as independent units of work or be triggered through checklists. It is a great way to direct and log the task exchange between users, as well as capturing all necessary communication. 


Creating an assignment

To create an assignment follow these steps: 

  1. Go to the assignments tab and click the + create button. 
  2. Give the assignment a title corresponding to the work that needs to be performed.
  3. Choose a start and end time for the assignment or tick off the high priority.
  4. Choose the location where the assignment should be performed.
  5. Assign the user or user group who should complete the assignment. Do note, that only users who has access to the chosen location (either directly or through inheritance) can be assigned an assignee. 
  6. If visual aid is needed to complete the assignment, images can be attached under attachments.
  7. Press save.




Note: If you tick off high priority the start and end time will be removed, as the assignment needs to be completed as soon as possible. Any assignment with high priority will also cause the specific location to turn red in the Location Overview dashboard.


Delegating assignments 

When working with assignments in Mobaro, you will often find yourself needing to delegate assignments to someone else. By default, a user can re-assign their assignments to other members of their user groups, if they have access to the chosen location.

To re-assign assignments to a user or user group, which the user is not related to, you have to add delegatable user groups.

  1. Go to the user group tab
  2. Select the relevant user group and press edit
  3. Under delegatable user groups add the groups, that the chosen user groups should be able to create assignments for. 
  4. Remember to press save.

An example is if members of the user group Users should be able to create assignments for the members of the user group Supervisors. To accomplish this, add the user group Supervisors to the list of delegatable user groups, as shown below.



Note: If it should be possible to delegate assignments between both groups, the group Users should be added to the setup for the group of Supervisors as well.



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