This article is a guide to create users and user groups. It explains the required steps to create and manage your users.


Anyone who needs to access the Mobaro system must be registered as users. Once registered, all users can access Mobaro via the web and mobile app with the same login. 

In Mobaro, all users are created under the Users tab. However, roles and permissions can be configured by each individual user. Follow these steps to create users and user groups.


Step 1: Create users

  1. Go to the users tab, and click the + create button.
  2. It is required to fill out the following details
    1. Name of the user.
    2. Email, which will act as username.
    3. A password. Tick off the box "Force user to change password at next login" if relevant.  
  3. The following details are optional to fill out.
    1. Phone number 
    2. Language - are used in cases where a checklist exist in more than one language. The mobile app will default open the checklist in the preferred language.  
    3. You can personalize date, time, and temperature.
    4. Furthermore, you can personalize the notification settings for each individual user. 
    5. Add an address and a profile image 
    6. Set the app settings as you prefer.  
  4. Remember to press save



When users are created you need to define which locations and location groups the user should have access. If the user should have access to all locations in a group, go to the location groups tab and add the user to the location group. If the user only should have access to a single location, go to locations tab and add the user to the relevant location.

To ease administration you can gather users in user groups. To do so proceed to step number two.


Step 2: Create user groups

User groups are important to the workflow regarding checklists and assignments. Instead of defining individual users as being responsible for completing your different checklists, it is easier to assign  checklists to user groups. Based on a user's access to locations and membership of user groups, the system knows whether or not a user should be able to complete a certain checklist automatically.


Tip: We recommend that you only create users and user groups for the staff members that are using Mobaro, instead of mirroring your entire organization structure. Don't spend time on setting up your entire organization if only 50% are going to use it. 


  1. Go to the user group tab and click the + create button.
  2. Give the user group a name
  3. Add the users which should be members of the group.
  4. Remember to press save




Now you are able to select the user group all around the Mobaro system. 


Tip: By defining roles you can control the permission of the user, i.e. should he/she be able to create/edit/delete checklists, schedules, locations, etc. Check out this article to see how to set up roles. 



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