Viewing results based on report templates

This article explains what report templates are used for and how to set them up. 


Customize the results of your completed checklist

Report templates allow you to customize the report generated, whenever a checklist has been completed. By default, everything that was shown in the mobile app, is also shown in the report. Report templates therefore provides you with settings, to hide content, that you find irrelevant in certain situations.


  1. Go to the report templates tab and press + create button.
  2. A report template consists of a name and a description. Furthermore you can choose to include or exclude by ticking off boxes with the following settings:
    • Created assignments: Details for assignments triggered while performing the checklist, will be hidden if marked. 
    • Assignment resolutions: If any assignments triggered in the checklist has been resolved, the solution will not be included in the report if marked. 
    • Scoring questions where maximum score is achieved: If marked, any questions with points achieving 100% score, will be hidden. Once selected, a list of possible exceptions to the rule can be applied, see below.
    • Non-scoring questions: If marked, any questions that does not yield a score are hidden (this includes question types that cannot yield points, e.g. image questions). Once selected, a list of possible exceptions to the rule can be applied, see below.
    • Questions where score is below maximum: If marked, any questions that yields a score achieving less than 100% are hidden. Once selected, a list of possible exceptions to the rule can be applied, see below. 
    • Score by page graph: If marked, it hides the bar-chart on the frontpage, showing score per page.
    • Image Elements: If marked, it hides all static image elements (this does not include reference images, attached images and image questions).
    • Attached images.
    • Reference images. 
    • Image questions: Note, these can also be hidden by "Hide non-scoring questions".
    • Action points: If marked, it hides action points from the frontpage of the report.
    • Point indicator on pages and questions.
    • Text elements.
    • Comments entered by the user.
    • Unanswered answer options.
    • Explanatory text.
  3. Remember to press save.




Note: To three questions certain exceptions can be applied when "hide" is selected:

Unless a comment has been added
. The question will show if user has attached a comment.
Unless one or more images has been attached
. The question will show if user has attached an image.
Unless one or more assignments were created.
 The question will show if it triggered an assignment.
Unless question type cannot give points. 



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