This article explains how to make reports on all the results created when a checklist is completed or saved to the cloud.

With the notification rule "Result Report" the system sends out a report with the results of a checklist based on certain triggers. You have different options for managing the recipients of the report and which information from the checklist the report will include. 


How to make a result report 

A completed and/or saved checklist can be set up to trigger an email notification to certain people. It is also possible to include a copy of the report within the notification. To do so, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to notification rules tab under the organization section. Press the + create button to set up a new notification rule. 
  2. Choose the type of report you want. In this tutorial we are setting up a result report, but the different types of reports are listed below and you can read more about them here. 
    1. Result report 
    2. Summery report 
    3. Availability notification
    4. Work forecast report
  3. Name the report and add a description if relevant. 
  4. Fill in the subject and the body of the received email. You can use the predefined tokens by clicking the icon puzzle.png.
  5. Select the events that will trigger a notification. 
  6. Send notification to assignee (the person who is performing the checklist) and choose the type of report you want to attach.
  7. Send notification to reviewers and choose the type of report you want to attach.
  8. Send notification to location (where the checklist is performed) and choose the type of report you want to attach. (Note: to receive the notification, an email has to be setup for the location).
  9. Add BCC, if you want other user groups to receive the notification. Choose the type of report you want to attach.
  10. Apply limitations to when a notification should be sent. If left empty, the rule will work for all locations and checklists. 
  11. Finally you can set op the results report only to be send if results scores are below maximum






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