Viewing checklist results

This article is about the different types of results that are generated based on the data from a checklist. Furthermore it explains the different viewing options.


Results are the data gathered from the completion of a checklist. In Mobaro we differentiate between four different types of results: 

  • Regular results from finished checklists.
  • Missed results generate if a checklist has not been completed before the deadline.
  • Resumable results are created when the progress of a checklist has been saved to the cloud before it has been completed.
  • Invalidated results are results that are essentially "deleted" but allow you to keep all the information that was captured from the result.




From the results tab on the web you can navigate between the different types of results. The list provides you with an overview of your results, and you have multiple filtering options. The bar at the right side shows the overall score of the checklist based on how the questions with points added were answered. 

If you want further details on a specific checklist, tick off the checklist and click the eye.png view button. In the detailed view, you might have more options of viewing your results. Either through a detail report or a custom report. They are further explained in the following.


Tip: The different types of results can also be found in the mobile app by clicking the reports tile. The user can view the results based on their checklist and locations.

Tip: You can change the location on a finished result. If you have checklists that are similar and a user opens the checklist on one location but fills it out with information based on another location, you can change the location, and the work will not be lost. 


Different ways of viewing your results 

From the web app in different versions: a custom report and a detailed report. 

  • The details report is the default viewing option. This view contains all the elements the user was presented with during the completion of the checklist. This also includes answers, comments, assignments etc. that the user filled out during the completion of the checklist.
  • The custom report is available if an administrative user has setup a Report Template. From the report template they can select which information they want to be visible on the report. This could e.g. be an Action Report, that only shows the results that have scored less than the maximum points or that have images/comments attached.
  • Show Map is the opting of viewing your checklist results based on GPS tracking Checkout this article to read more. 


Tip: You have several options of exporting your results to different kinds of Excel files or as PDF files depending on the type of information want. Checkout this article to see how





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