This article explains how to administrate notifications settings from both the web and mobile app. 

Notifications can be setup on an organization wide basis, as well as for the individual users.


Organization wide notification settings

Notifications dictate when a user should receive updates on different actions, assignments, or subscribed images either by push or email. You can also manage the information that is shown in your notification center.

The default notification settings regarding assignments and subscribed images can be managed for the entire organization from the web app. This is only accessible for users with administrative organization-role permission. To know more about roles, check out this article

  1. Go to notification rules tab under the organization section.
  2. Press bell.png notifications settings to manage the settings for the entire organization. 
  3. Tick off the relevant boxes. The notifications can be received either by email or as push notifications on the mobile device. 
  4. Remember to press save




These settings can be edited for each individual user, either by an administrator with permissions to modify a user or by the individual user.

To get an overview of current and previous notifications, check the notifications tab under inspect. 


Tip: To see how to manage the notifications rules for the different reports check out the articles on result reports, summary reports, availability notifications, and work forecast reports


Individual notifications settings 

To manage individual notification settings from the web app follow these steps:

  1. Click on your profile, press edit profile and scroll down in the editor.
  2. Tick off the personal settings box to manage the individual notifications.
  3. Remember to press save




A user's notification settings can also be modified directly from the Mobaro mobile app.

  1. Go to the profile tile, scroll down and press notification settings
  2. Toggle the personal settings on.
  3. Toggle default settings as you prefer. 






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