Unsupported question when completing a checklist

This article explains why the message unsupported question appears when completing a checklist. The error message can occur if your app needs to be updated.


Question type not supported 

When completing checklists you might experience a question informing you that the question type is not supported and that you are required to update your app.

This occurs if the checklist you are completing contains a question type which your app does not support, meaning your app is not up to date.




The unsupported question is replaced with a single-select question asking you to confirm that you have seen and understood that the checklist cannot be completed in its intended format. You have two options:

  1. Recommended: Exit the checklist (save your progress) and update the app before continuing the checklist from where you left it - now with support for the new question type.
  2. If you do not have the ability to update the app - if, for example, you are working offline - you can check the "I understand" box and carry on with the checklist. Note: the answer is the only part of the check which gets replaced. The question's title, explanatory text, manuals and reference images will remain. Similarly, you are able to add images and comments on the question as normal (if enabled).


In case you choose option number two, the checklist is not completed the way it was intended to and you should update your app as soon as possible.

The report will reflect that an unsupported question was encountered. The response will look like this:



How to update your Mobaro app

The Mobaro app updates in two ways:

  1. Through your app stores - Google Play, App Store and Windows Store.
  2. In-app updates automatically installed when logging into the Mobaro app.

It is important to note, that one is not a replacement for the other - they work in tandem.

To make sure you are running the latest version, check your app store to see if there are any pending updates for the Mobaro app - and install them if there is. Next, log in to the app while you are sure you are online - if the app finds any new updates, they will be installed automatically before you are finally logged in.




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