Completing checklists across multiple devices and users

This article explains how to carry an incomplete checklist across multiple devices as well as sharing the incomplete checklists with your team in order to make it a collaborative effort to fill out the checklists.


Save a checklist in the cloud to make it collaborative

When exiting an incomplete checklist you have two options:

  • Save your checklist locally. The checklist is only available on your device and to your user.
  • Save your progress in the cloud. This stores your incomplete checklists with Mobaro instead of locally on the device.

When saving a checklist in the cloud you are able to resume your checklist from any device you are logged on to. When resuming a checklist from the cloud, your app downloads all the required content locally to your device, allowing you to carry on from where you left it and have full access to created assignments, notes and added media files.

When saving your checklist in the cloud you can also enable others to resume. This allows all users who could originally start the checklist to resume it from where you left it. This process can be repeated as many times as needed and shared between as many users as you want.

Tip: When saving checklist progress (locally or in the cloud), you have the option of naming the resumable result. This way you can easily distinguish between multiple resumable items.




To make these workflows work correctly, it is important that all users involved are aware of the following:

  • Checklists saved in the cloud leave the devices entirely. This means that resuming them requires a user to be online.
  • It is the user's responsibility to remember to enable "Allow other users to resume". If this is not done, the checklist cannot be resumed by anybody else.
  • Assignments and media files from incomplete checklists stored in the cloud are registered immediately. This means that assignments can be accessed and solved by the users whom they are assigned to and the media files will be available in the gallery.
  • Checklists stored in the cloud and possibly shared between multiple users are still dictated by their schedule. A checklist saved in the cloud still has a deadline and if it is not completed in time this will result in a "missed result" and will not be possible to resume again.
  • Mobaro does not support simultaneous users in a single checklist. When resuming a checklist saved in the cloud this effectively results in nobody else being able to resume the checklist until you have re-submitted it to Mobaro.
  • Your device can only hold one local copy of a checklist for a location - so in edge case, that both you and your colleague has started on the same checklist.




How to save and share incomplete checklists

When exiting a checklist you will be presented with the options:

  1. Save it locally or in the cloud. Choose to save it in the cloud. 
  2. Decide whether to share the incomplete checklist with your team or not.




How to resume a checklist

Resuming checklists work exactly like it always has. A checklist with content which can be resumed is marked with the blue dot in the right margin. There is no distinction made whether it is content stored locally on your device or in the cloud. That is displayed on the following list.





In most cases, you will only have a single item to resume from, but there can be several in the list.

The storage of each checklist is denoted with either a cloud or a phone icon or a phone icon. Likewise, it is noted who last saved the incomplete checklist, when they saved it and how far along in the checklist they are.



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