Managing downtime and uptime from the mobile app

This article explains how to manage downtime and uptime from the Operations tile in the mobile app

Locations can be toggled between in and out of operation and downtime registrations can be made for each of the locations. Beneath each location you can see the amount of time the location has been in the current state. This enables the Mobaro platform to calculate operational hours for your locations. Changing the operational state of a location also affects the Location Overview dashboard. You can read more in this article.


The Operations tile lists all the locations which have operational logging enabled and which you have access to. 

The tile's border reflects the state of the locations you have access to and are enabled for operational logging.

The border can show thee different colors:

  • Green: indicates the ratio of your locations which are marked as in operation.
  • Red: indicates the ratio of your locations which currently have an open downtime registration (either open or blocking).
  • Grey: indicates the ratio of your locations which are currently marked as out of operation.



Note: By default, the Operations tile is not displayed. It will only show on the front page of your mobile app if you have access to locations which are enabled for operational logging. 


To register operational hours on your locations you manually toggle these in and out of operation. Depending on the agreed workflow in your organization, this can be done either through the mobile app, web app or both. This article covers the mobile use. 


How to toggle locations in and out of operation 

Locations can be either in or out of operation. This can be toggled both on the mobile and web app and the main purpose of administering this, is to allow for registration of operational hours. Whether you are able to toggle a location in and out of operation depends on the state of the downtime. To get an overall introduction to downtime read this article.




Demo Location #1 has a blocking downtime, which is marked next to the yellow warning triangle. A blocking downtime causes the toggle button to become inactive. You can not toggle the location as operational until the assignment has been completed.

Demo Location #2 has an open downtime registration. The toggle button is active, due to the fact that  no assignment exists which needs to be completed before marking the location as operational again. Any user can mark the location as operational again once the issue has been resolved.

Do note, that only a single downtime registration can be active for a location at a time.




Each location on the list has a toggle switch to the far right. If the toggle switch is in the left position and colored grey the ride is currently out of operation. If it is the right position and colored green it is in operation.


Note: If a location is marked as out of operation and have an open (but not blocking) downtime registration, and the location is toggled back to in operation this will end the active downtime registration.


Creating a downtime registration

You can create a downtime for at location on the spot with you Mobaro mobile app.

  1. Click the Operations tile.
  2. Click the relevant location you want to create a downtime for.
  3. This brings up the form for creating the downtime registration. It is optional to fill out the following information:
    1. Initial downtime description
    2. Add the downtime category 
    3. Add any relevant photo documentation
  4. Press save.








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