How to pair a Bluetooth device with Mobaro

This article explains how to pair a Bluetooth device with your Mobaro mobile app. It includes an overview of supported Bluetooth devices.


To register values in checklists you are able to connect Bluetooth devices such as thermometers with your Mobaro device. For a list of supported Bluetooth devices, check the bottom chapter of this article. Also, do note that Bluetooth peripherals are not supported on Windows 10 devices - please refer to our overview of feature support for the different features.


Pairing the device

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth device is ready to pair. This procedure differs from product to product, so have a look at the manual for your specific product. In most cases, the devices will be in their ready-to-pair mode by default when turning on.
  2. Open the Mobaro mobile app and go to your profile page.
  3. Scroll to the Bluetooth tab. Here are your registered Bluetooth devices listed.
  4. Press the scan button to search for nearby compatible devices. To connect with Mobaro press the connect button. 
  5. The device will now be included in the list with the subtext "Connected...". The device is now ready to be used. 




Once a device is paired with Mobaro, it will connect automatically in the future. The above mentioned process is only required the first time you are using the Bluetooth device.

To remove the Bluetooth device, open the Bluetooth list again and select press the remove device button.


If connection issues occur 

If the device does not appear in the scan or if you are experiencing other issues, make sure the device is indeed in ready to pair mode by referring to the product manual.

If the Bluetooth device still does not appear on the list, make sure it is not automatically connecting to a different device. If the Bluetooth device is already connected to a different mobile device it might not show up on the list. In such cases, you will have to locate the connected mobile device and remove the connection. 


Supported Bluetooth devices 

For temperature readings, we support the BT125KC and BT125W from Comark Instruments. Their products can be found here.

If you already own another Bluetooth thermometer, please contact us at to allow us to check if it is compatible with Mobaro.



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