The difference in working online and offline with Mobaro

This article explains the difference between working with checklists online and offline and different scenarios that might occur. 


The Mobaro mobile app works both online and offline, enabling you to perform your checklists on the go with limited internet connectivity.


Working offline

While the Mobaro mobile app is fully offline compatible, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You need to login at least once, while online, to allow the app to receive your data from the Mobaro server, before using the app.
  • While assignments can be created, changed, and resolved, you will need to reconnect to internet for it to be sent to the server.
  • Only offline-available checklists can be performed. You can make any checklist offline-available by swiping left on the checklist in the app, and choosing Download for offline.


App offline indications

The Mobaro app will keep you updated from the home screen on the status of your internet connection. Look for the connection icon on the lower right hand side to see the three different states of connection.

image_123y986672.JPG image_123986y672.JPG image_123986672.JPG
Connection Available indicates you have a strong enough internet connection to enjoy all the features of Mobaro. Connection Lost

indicates you have completely lost your internet connect or your connection is not strong enough to connect to the Mobaro servers. If your checklists are already downloaded to this device, you can continue to complete them, however, your progress will only update locally on your device until your re-establish connection.

Uploading # item indicates you have re-established internet connection and all of your previous work (checklists, assignments, etc.) are uploading in the cloud effortlessly.


If a report is missing

If, after finishing your checklist, you still cannot see your response in the Mobaro web app or your email report does not arrive as expected, your device is likely offline and the response cannot be sent to the Mobaro server.

The offline state can be easily recognized by an increasing number appearing on the “Pending uploads” tile on the mobile app Dashboard.

To ensure your response is sent to the server, please follow these steps:

  1. Verify that your device is connected to the internet, by opening a browser and navigating to
  2. Open the Mobaro mobile app, verify that the pending uploads counter on the Dashboard is decreasing and wait until it says: “No pending uploads”.
  3. Your result should now be available in the Mobaro web app and if email notifications are active, you should receive your report shortly.


Working online 

Synchronizing the app

While online, the Mobaro mobile app will synchronize automatically to ensure you always have the latest content available.


Pending uploads

While performing your checks in the Mobaro mobile app your data is sent directly to the Mobaro server. If the app cannot reach the server due to limited or missing internet connection, the data is stored locally on the device until it can be delivered.

When data is stored locally, you will see an increasing number of items to be uploaded, on the connections tile on the mobile app. This indicates the items yet to be uploaded.

If this does not decrease, it means your device cannot establish a connection to the Mobaro server, likely due to missing internet connectivity.

Once internet connectivity is re-established, the app will automatically resume uploading the data.





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