Copying checklists can save you time

This article is about creating templates of your checklists as way of saving time. By making a template of a basic checklist you can copy the core and adjust the specific elements.


Creating checklists can be a great workload and often routine work. By making a checklist template with the core elements of the checklists, you can save time. The core elements are the common elements for all checklists. This could for example be a welcome page, pre-check safety procedures, or the assignees' signature at the end of every checklist.

Copying can be used in different ways:

  • Copy a checklist: Tick the checklist and press the content-copy.png icon. Fill out the name of the new checklist and change the assignee mappings if needed. Press copy.
  • Copy a page or an element within a checklist: Press the three dots dots-vertical.png and click “Copy element/page”.




Tip: You can also copy between organizations. E.g. If you have created content during your training, which you would like to use in your Mobaro organization. When you press copy and rename the checklist, you can change the organization as well.


How to make a checklist template

  1. Create a new checklist and fill out the settings under Configure checklists.
    1. Choose primary language
    2. Name the template e.g. “1. Template Daily M&S (copy me)”. By adding “1” to the title, the template will be at the top of the checklist overview so it will be easy to find. Make sure to include the (copy me) to indicate, that this is only a template.
  2. Identify core elements. Look for common information across the checklists you want to create.
    1. Create the structure in pages e.g. Welcome, Pre-check safety, Checklist items (copy me), End.
    2. Add the elements: for example, text or image element or different question types.
  3. In the Checklist items (copy me) page you can create a template of the most common question type you want to use.
    1. Add the most frequently used question element and name it “Rename me”.
    2. Fill out options for answering e.g. OK, NOT OK, N/A and the points if needed. This way you make sure, that points a prefilled correctly.
    3. Set up an assignment trigger, that creates an assignment if the answer is equal NOT OK. Fill out the settings and add assignees. Note: assignees can always be bulk changed afterwards.
  4. Remember to save the checklist.




Every time you need to create a checklist, make a copy of the template, and add or adjust the elements to the specific checklist. You can make several templates e.g. a daily or weekly or different types of rides or activities.



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