Lifting Service Quality and Guest Experience with Food & Beverage Checks

Recorded on the 27th of August 2020.

Hosted by Rasmus Andreasen and Christian Rasmussen.


Covered Topics

Increasing efforts for managing the service quality of your food & beverage offering can have a major impact on overall guest satisfaction. Learn more about how Fårup Sommerland and Pizza Hut are able to perform at a high level using checklists.


Watch this webinar to

  • Learn how Fårup Sommerland (DK) and Pizza Hut Restaurants (UK) are using checklists to ensure consistency and high standards in their F&B offerings
  • Get their perspectives on what difference a great checklist make
  • Get tips on where to start and who to involve if you currently don't use checklists in F&B
  • Hear how COVID-19 changed the game for them 
  • Get an overall introduction to checklists, tasking and reporting features in Mobaro in an F&B perspective





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