Reports documents your compliance management

This article is about the different ways you can view your compliance management effort in reports. You can access each report, and view both overall and specific deviations for this result.


The report includes various information on your compliance effort. Hereby you can get specific knowledge on the compliance effort e.g. exactly where deviations have occurred. Furthermore, the compliance page summarizes the compliance management for this result, for you to use the digital reports as documentation if needed.


The compliance page in results

At the end of every report, you will find the compliance page, which contains a compact overview of compliance-related information. This contains up to five sections depending on your setup:


  • General information includes ID’s and timestamps
  • Scheduling including the type, name, and time configurations
  • Deviations lists the different deviations registered (if any).
  • Validation includes information and comments on the validation flow of the result.
  • Contributors include the users in conducting and reviewing the checklist.

Each square consists of further information and can give you a quick overall impression of the compliance management on the specific result.

The general information contains two different ID’s: Checklist revision and Result revision. The ID is generated by the system, and every time a checklist changes a new ID is generated. The same applies to the result revision.

This is you ensure, that you can document which version of the checklist and the result the report is generated from, and you can track down the version you have downloaded for documentation purposes.

Likewise, is the revision timestamp included to document when the latest revision is made.

The compliance page is by default included in reports, but if you want to exclude this from your reports, go to report templates, and tick of the “Hide Compliance page” for the relevant reports.


The activity feed shows compliance management

When viewing reports on web you can get a detailed view of deviations and validation flow in the activity feed. The validation flow is shown at the top of the activity feed, and underneath the deviations occur, if any is registered in the result.

If a result has any deviations this is shown at the top of the activity feed, where you will notice a yellow warning sign alert.png. Underneath the total amount of the different type(s) of deviations is listed. If the assignee has made any comments on why the deviation occurred, this is also listed.



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