This article is about Ad Hoc Slots, which are a way of creating one-time schedules of checklists that only should be completed once.


If a checklist needs to be available only once, e.g., a specific campaign or to test the checklist, you do not need to manage a whole schedule. In this case, you can use the ad hoc slots. With ad hoc slots you select a start time when the checklist should become available, and an end time for its deadline. This will be the only active period for the checklist. 


How to create Ad Hoc Slots

Ad Hoc Slots are managed and created from the Ad Hoc Slots tab.

From the list, you get an overview of all your started or future slots.  When a missed result is rescheduled, the new schedule will show as an ad hoc slot and will be marked with this iconreschedule.PNG. You can read more on rescheduling missed results here.

All completed or expired slots will disappear from the list.

  1. Click plus.png to create a new ad hoc slot.
  2. Set the start and end time and date for the activation of the checklist(s) in the mobile app.
  3. Add the checklists, locations, assignees, and if relevant reviewers – just as regular schedules.
  4. Mark if you would like the assignees to receive a notification when the checklist(s) becomes available.
  5. Mark if you would like any of the compliance rules should apply.
  6. You can add a reminder, to notify assignees of an upcoming deadline.
  7. Remember to click save.



If you want to edit an ad hoc slot, mark the slot and press modify. Do note that:

  • On rescheduled slots, the checklist and location cannot be changed, as these are the same as on the original schedule.
  • If the slot is started, you cannot edit the start time.




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