Working with a schedule's criticality

This article is about how to work with a schedule's 'criticality' - meaning when it should be handled as an activity critical for a location's operation - and how it affects reporting.

The Location Overview widget presents each location with an overall status color indicating whether or not the location fulfills the requirements to be deemed "safe for operation". This is gauged by whether or not there are any outstanding checklists on the location, which are in their "critical" phase.


Missing results requires action

Note: To be able to approve or reschedule a result of a checklist, the user must be granted a reviewer role with permission to “approve missing”. Read more on how to set up roles in this article


Approving a missed result

When a checklist ends up in the “missing results” tab, it indicates that the checklist requires some sort of action. This will either be an approval, meaning it is acceptable that the checklist has not been completed.

  1. Tick off the relevant missing result(s).
  2. Press Approve_missing_results.PNG approve missing result(s).
  3. Add a comment and or other attachments explaining why the non commenced checklist is OK.
  4. The approval adds a checkmark Approve_missing_results.PNG next to the name of the checklist.




Rescheduling a missed result

Another option is to reschedule the missed result. This is in the case of the missed result not being acceptable, and therefore you want to reschedule the check. This will create a new object of the checklist, which you can configure and schedule. The original missed result will still appear in the list and in your data, but by rescheduling you make sure the check is completed anyway.

  1. Tick off the relevant missing result(s).
  2. Press reschedule.PNG reschedule missing result(s).
  3. Fill out the settings for the rescheduled object. You have all the original scheduling options, and you can add a comment and attachment as well. This will be listed as an ad hoc schedule. 
  4. The rescheduling adds a rescheduling icon reschedule.PNG next to the name of the checklist.


Missing results_reschedule.gif




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