This article is a guide to understanding and applying the different compliance settings located on schedules and showing the difference between the usage on calendar and ad-hoc schedules.

Compliance settings were introduced to help automate the authentication and approval process for your checklists. By utilizing and combining different compliance settings, you will be able to systematize the process of validating your checklists.

The different compliance settings available are:


  1. Requires validation (RV)
  2. Requires correct GPS location (GPS)
  3. Requires maximum score (SBM)
  4. Requires minimum answer duration (MD)
  5. Requires specific competencies (RC)
  6. Ignore missing results (IM)*
  7. Requires timely answers (DUE)*

*Note: Ignore missing results (IM) and requires timely answers (DUE) compliance settings are only available on calendar schedules.

Requires validation rv.png

  • This compliance setting is used in conjunction with the Reviewer Once a checklist is submitted, a Reviewer will then have to manually validate a result – a method best used when attempting to use a “four-eyes principle”

Requires correct GPS location gps.png

  • To utilize this compliance setting, you must first setup your location(s) with an applicable address or map pin through the location’s editor on the Locations Through this tab you can specify the address as well as predefine an acceptable radius (in meters) that you will allow results to be authenticated in.
  • Checklists answered too far from the location’s radius will be marked as requiring validation.

Requires maximum score sbm.png

  • This setting is used in conjunction with the points feature found on some of the question types of a checklist.
  • Checklists that score below the maximum (100%) will be marked as requiring validation – a method best used when attempting to determine if a location should open based on, for instance, safety-critical issues being marked NOT OK (0 points) on a checklist.

Requires minimum answer duration md.png

  • Checklists that are answered faster than the predetermined duration chosen by you per schedule will be marked as requiring validation.

Requires specific competencies Screen_Shot_2021-11-10_at_8.45.18_AM.png

  • Utilizing the new competency feature, you may now require users to have a certain competency to complete a checklist.
    • Currently, if a user does not have a certain required competency, they may still complete the checklist, however, the validation flow will not allow the checklist to be approved automatically and would require manual interference to approve a submitted result.

Ignore missing results im.png

  • Any missing results will not affect a locations red/green status on the Location Overview or Location Map feature on dashboards or the Location Overview on the mobile application.

Warning: Configuring the schedule as both critical for operation and ignore missing results at the same time, while possible, is not a recommended configuration for active locations and will result in the follow warning when applying both.


Learn about how you can add exclusion periods to your schedules.

Requires timely answers due.png

  • Checklists that are submitted outside of the acceptable time window will be marked as requiring validation.



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