How to create a location map

This article is a guide to create location maps. It explains the required steps to upload and create your location maps. As well as the ability to attach your location maps to your dashboards.

Step 1: Upload your park map

Location Maps are utilized on your dashboards to give you a visual representation of your park’s current checklist status.

  1. Go to the Configuration tab, and click the Location Maps tab.
  2. Click the baseline_add_black_24dp.png button
  3. Give your location map a name
    • You can add more than one location map – if you find it more convenient to split your location maps over different areas, you can give the maps individual names here.
  4. Click the Select or Drop Files here to locate your .png or .jpeg file of your map to upload.
  5. Click OK

Step 2: Adding location pins to your map

In order for your dashboards to properly display current status information, you first need to add location pins to your map.

  1. Double click on the spot of the location you are attempting to add.
  2. Enter the location name in the Add location box.
  3. Click OK
  4. Repeat this process for each location you wish to add to this map.
  5. Click baseline_save_black_24dp.png.


Step 3: Adding a location map to a dashboard

The final step to see your location map is to add it to a new or existing dashboard of your choosing.

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard Templates tab.
  2. Select the dashboard you wish to add your location map to and click baseline_edit_black_24dp.png.
    • You can create a new dashboard by clicking the baseline_add_black_24dp.png.
  3. Click the Add a new row button.
  4. Click the baseline_add_black_24dp.png button.
  5. Under the Readiness section, click the Location Map Overview widget.
  6. Find the baseline_map_black_24dp.png and click it to select the appropriate location map.
    • Each widget supports one map; to add more, repeat steps 3-6 above for each additional map.
  7. Click the baseline_save_black_24dp.png.
  8. Your location map is now live on this dashboard.




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