This article is about: adding owners to schedules who will be able to control the aspects of certain schedules they have been given the permission to view and edit.


Schedule Owners give you the flexibility to have different departments champion their own schedules

Since schedules can contain information across multiple disciplines and departments across your organization, it may not be practical to give overall permission to the entire organization's schedules. With schedule owners, you are now able to individually control who owns which set of schedules, therefore, ensuring different department heads no longer need to see another departments schedules and helps alleviate accidents. or oversights from occuring in the schedules.

Note: schedule owners do not need any additional roles or permissions in the system in order to edit schedules; similar to checklist permission folder admins, the roles are inherited automatically only for the schedules they have access and ownership to.


How to add a schedule owner

Adding a schedule owner can be done two different ways:

  1. In the initial creation or editing of a particular schedule or calendar.
  2. Through the bulk edit tools to assign multiple schedules to the same owner(s).


For new schedules or schedules you are editing, you can easily add a schedule owner.

  1. If you are editing the schedule, click the checkbox of the schedule, then click the edit icon.
  2. Click the cogwheel button to be brought to the settings screen.
  3. Scroll to the Owners section and add the users and/or user groups you'd like to be the owners of this schedule.


To edit a large number of existing schedules, you can utilize the bulk edit feature to quickly manage these schedules.

  1. Enable the multi select tool at the top left of the page.
  2. Select all of the schedules you wish to add, replace, or remove the same owners to.
  3. Click the edit button and select Bulk Change Assignees/Reviewers/Owners.
  4. Select which action you'd like to perform (i.e., Add, Remove, or Replace).
  5. Enter the users and/or user groups you'd like to be the owners of these schedules.



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