Configuring Single Sign On (SSO) for Mobaro with Azure Active Directory

This article is about: Setting up an configuring Single Sign On for your Mobaro account utilizing Azure Active Directory.

Note: If your organization is not currently configured for Single Sign On, you will need to get in contact with us to activate SSO for your organization. Please reach out to us at for further help.

Step 1: Registering Mobaro as an App

  1. Select App registrations
  2. Click New registration
  3. Enter a name for your registration (e.g. "Mobaro")
  4. Under Redirect URI select Web and enter the following URL:
  5. Click Register 




Step 2: Copy the Application ID and OpenID metadata URL

  1. First make a note of the value in the Application (client) ID field. This needs to be provided to Mobaro.
  2. Click the Endpoints button and copy the OpenID Connect metadata document value. This will need to be provided to Mobaro as well.



Step 3: Generating a client secret for Mobaro

  1. Click the Certificates & secrets menu item.
  2. Click New client secret.
  3. Enter a name for the client secret (e.g. Mobaro).
  4. Set up your preferred expiry settings. You will need to remember this to refresh with Mobaro before it expires.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Copy the Value for the newly generated client secret. This value will not be available again, so make sure to copy it now.



Step 4: Send the required information to Mobaro

This information consist of the values gathered above:

  1. Application (client) ID.
  2. OpenID Connect metadata document URL
  3. Client secret

Please send this information to along with any necessary information.



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